Home Game and Upcoming Adventures

Last Saturday I had my monthly home game, lowest turn out in a long time just 5 guys. Ended up playing 5 games, and I won 3. I felt pretty good and while my home game isn't as serious as Jason's game or as intense as the casino, on a night where the merriest of men where not at the game it made me focus more on the game itself. Got A-A 3x, which is more than the last 10 games in total. Bagged another 110 to add to the poker coffers.

Upcoming we have 2 big tournaments in Connecticut. March 12th through the 28th is the New England Poker Classic at Foxwoods. It takes place during my bday, so ill probably be hitting up a few of those, including the $400 HOSE and the $200 NLHE.

Starting 03/28, Mohegan Sun's Pokerstars tourney takes place and runs through 04/11. Not sure how much, if any, i'll do in this one.

So to anyone who may be coming down for either one, good luck and maybe catch ya at the tables


HighOnPoker said…
Foxwoods has a really tempting $200 Shootout over the first weekend of their event. I may play. Thanks for reminding me of the event. I had totally forgotten.

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