Monday, March 14, 2011


Thanks for the comments guys, I do appreciate the time you took to read my mess. 

As you might have suspected HR told me nothing different than I was told previous. I was told HR reopened the case, reviewed again, and still find no reason to make any changes. 
I do think it is very important to note that the HR person could not explain why if I applied for a job in 2006 that had no direct reports, I was given direct reports in 2008 with no change in job code, title, salary, or bonus. 
The HR person just kept saying she understood my frustration and appreciated how professional I was taking this news. 

So fuck them. 

The one positive I can take away from this is, I'm going to make sure my resume says I have been Supervisor for the last 5 years with all the hiring/firing/compensating abilities during that time period, since thats essential what Im being told Ive done for the last 5 years.

Im not sure what my next move is now, being a remote location I dont have to deal with my Manager on a daily basis which is actually a good thing. She hasn't called me since last Tuesday when we talked and I've only got 3 emails today from her. 

It really comes down to
- Continue on doing what im doing and realizing there will be no growth, no development, and will most likely be rated "meet expectations" until they finally give us our pink slips or they find a reason to fire me. 

- Look at moving from the Life Insurance side to Retirement Services. I like this idea, and the Director for this department knows me and what Im about. I just have to make sure this is something I truly want to do.

- Look outside. Living in the Hartford area, AKA Insurance Capital of the World, makes it easy to locate other financial services companies that might have a better fit Life Insurance fit for myself. 

For now I soldier on like a good worker bee. 

Gambling Content:

Won $1000 at Foxwoods after I got a Straight Flush and a Royal Flush at Pai Gow poker. Love my Pai Gow... 
I do think I am ready to get back into poker shortly, take it slow and ease my way back in with some live Stud and Limit, then move up to NL. Funds on Full Tilt should follow shortly as well.

Stay tuned...


smokkee said...

Unfortunately you found out the hard way HR is not there for you, they're there for the employer.

Stay strong and keep your eyes open for other opportunities.