Friday, July 20, 2007

"Rumors" - Timex Social Club

I try not to buy into the whole online poker is rigged thing (which is ironic since so many people complain about it, yet we are fighting to save it) but sometimes it just feels like something aint right.


5.50 900+ person tourney last night I grab J-J in MP. EP raised and I called. Flop Q-9-3 with 2 diamonds. EP bets 300, I raise to 900. He pushes all in for 300 more. I call. He turns over Ad-Kc. Im ahead. Turn: 10, River: J Runner-runner straight. Im crippled.

Few hands later I have Q-Q and I push all-in for my last couple hundred chips. 1 caller with 6-6.
Flop: 6 and I dont improve.

Bad luck? Maybe. RNG not so "random"? I guess.

I was talking to Joe one day about how when I had the best hand in a live game with 8s full, I was worried that the dude had something like pocket 9s and was gonna catch on the river.

So my simple conclusion is: Online poker ruins your live poker game.

Hitting f-woods again tonight so hopefully my positive streak keeps running. If I go on Sunday I think I want to try the 10am $340 buy-in game, see how my live multi-table playing is.