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Friday, August 29, 2008

Phillies acquire Stairs from Blue Jays to replace Jenkins


Mets are done for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd

Today I start off by offering this:

Birthday song
Mine was the title of the post, have fun and post your bday song if you get the itch.

BR is stagnant around 330, which is good cause its over 300, but I feel like I could be doing a lot better. Mostly been sticking to just 1/2 HORSE as I like change, playing just Razz for hours on end, especially with people who sit down with 5k bankrolls at a 1/2, can drag on you, and I like Razz so I dont want to burn out on it like NLHE.

I hope everyone is doing well, I mean to write these long-winded personal posts but I find I get too down after thinking about them and I end up saving them in the "saved" file.

Thanks to all those who read and comment on my little space of internet. See you all at the mook tonight probably.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes Coincedence is just plain scary

Last night was supposed to be a home game that I go to. Originally it was shceduled to be held at some other than the regular host's house, but the wife had a change of mind.
So the host sent out an email that we had 4 people, and if we couldnt find one more poker was cancelled for this month. I spent most of my Thursday night trying to convince someone, anyone, to be our 5th player. Eventually about mid-Friday I sent Jason a text saying I tried and failed, no one was able to play.

So instead of getting ready for a poker game, I headed over to my house, grabbed the mail, grabbed my FFBL draft kit that arrived, met up with the gf and her mom and eventually settled on me going back home to her parents house.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew something was wrong. Alissa's dad was holding our little dog Spike (a minature chihuahua)was breathing weird and his mouth couldnt close. Her dad had just given them a doggy treat about 5 mins before I walked in and apparently Spike had had swallowed the thing whole anticipating a second treat.
This had happened before so Ik new to just rub his throat and try to coax him to throw it up, but this time was different. His tongue was turning blue and while he was trying to puke it up he was actually only puking up some pink foamy substance instead.
Liss' dad called her and her mom and they raced home, as soon as they got home we jumped in the car and took him to the pet emergency room. No sooner had I walked in the door with him one of the vets asked "choking?" i said yes, he grabbed him and took him into the ER.

Long story short, they stuck a tube down his throat to stabilize the breathing, they removed the treat (after sedating him) and other than some swelling in his throat he was going to be ok.

Actually, I knew he would be ok before they told us...while in the waiting room I heard his loud obnoxious bark (he picked up a howl when he was a pup because he use to hang out with a pair of Beagles). So he went from on the verge of choking to death to yapping his head off in the ER.

So anyway hes ok now, still being cautious what we feed him, and hes allowed to drink too. Just think it was amazing that 1) I couldnt find a 5th poker player for the game 2) Liss and her mom had wanted to go out to eat somewhere, I told them I wasnt feeling up to it, which lead to me going home.

Funny how things work out sometimes...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Riverchaser win and HORSE cash games

On a whim I late registered for the Riverchaser tourney last night and played basic ABC poker. Folded every hand until I had a pair or A-Q, A-K. Js were the highest pair I had all-night and I managed to take someone out when K-K shoved against my 4-4on a flop were I hit my set.

Other than make a thoughtful call against Waffles when I held K-9o, I played fairly good I spose. I did donk play A-K vs skidoo heads up. He had a pair adn we got it in post-flop, I spiked i think a K on the turn.

A hand I wasnt even really paying attention to turned into the final one. I held 8-7o. Bet the flop when I hit top pair. We both Check the turn when a 3rd heart came. And I bet the pot on the river when the 8 in my hand gave me an 8 high straight. He re-potted, but I had a suspicion he may have made a lower straight, not the flush, so I pushed all-in. He decided to call and I took the $65 first place home.

Well played skidoo.

Razz has been kicking my rear lately. My highest bankroll was 307 3 weeks ago until I pley $80 and .50/1. Uusally donk stuff. Since then I've been floating around the $250 mark. Both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I dropped down to $200 only to fight my way back up to $250 at around 2am (while watching the Olympics) to end the day at even.
Wednesday was the worst day. I assploded at the table at no less than 3 players. Every single time because they were chasing not made 8s when Im chasing a 5 or 6 and they catch and I brick out. All 3 were playign just awful razz and catching. The last guy said he was going to play one more hand, of course its when I have a-2-5.
Don't remember the exact cards in the hand after that but I had hit an 8 low on 5th and his board contained a k and a j. I beat 6th street and he comments before calling "here comes another J for me". And wouldnt you know I brick, I bet, and he raises. I call to see he backed into a 7. The only thing I could think of was to type "GTFO"... He said he was sorry because he was having a bad night and I told him t F off. It only got worse from there...about 30 minutes later he did the same exact thing again to me, this time even more intentional than the first. I was down to $200again.
I decided to sit at 1/2 HORSE 6 max, because usually the donks at that are so bad. Unless I got the nuts in every other game I wait till Razz and let them donk their money to me.
Plan worked to perfection, got back up to $250. After the RC, I had a healthy 307 in my account again and I sat down at that same HORSE table. Made a bunch of Razz, and even a bunch more when I got rolled up 7s in S8, and some guy kept re-raising me. Made my boat on 6th and he caleld the rest of the way. Ended the night up to $330.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and is profitable at the tables!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who are the hottest Athletes at the olympics?

I submit my personal favorites. 20, 18, and 23 before anyone asks.

And Alicia goes to Brown which means shes way smarter than ill ever be.

God Bless America!

Bayne and others seem to prefer the women v-ball can have them my friend.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Some people take the Flex position a little too serious...

So im starting a work Fantasy football league this year that includes a 4 keepers. A sticking point was the "flex" position. I prefer 3 WRs and 2 RBs because it supports a balanced team structure for everyone. A friend of mine preferes 2 WRs/RBs and a WR/RB flex. He wanted to put it to a vote with the current 8 owners.

The final result was 4 for flex, 3 for 3 wrs, and 1 wussed out and wouldnt answer.

I Prepared some statistical analysis to support why I think leaving that as a flex position made the playing field a little bit unfair as a smart person would always want to start a 3rd RB over a 3rd WR. Heres my analysis:

Alright here goes:

My argument AGAINST a flex position for WR/RB is that you would always pick a RB over a WR every time. What I did was compute into fantasy points (not taking into account fumbles, and sorted by yardage not TDs for a fairer output) the top 5 WR season totals and the top 5 RB totals.

1) Reggie Wayne: 1510 receiving yards, 10 TDs = 211 points
2) Randy Moss: 1493 rec yards, 23 TDs (I guarantee you wont see this again soon) = 287 points
3) Chad Johnson: 1440 rec yards, 8 TDs = 192 points
4) Larry Fitzgerald: 1409 rec yards, 10 TDs = 200 points
5) T.O.: 1355 rec yards, 15 TDs = 225 points

1) LT: 1474 rush yards, 15 Rush TDs, 475 receiving yards, 3 rec TDs = 302 points (not even counting the 3 pass TDs and yards)
2) Adrian Peterson: 1341 Ru yards, 12 RuTds, 268 rec yards, 1 rec TD = 238 points
3) Brian Westbrook: 1333 Ru yards, 7 Ru TDs, 771 Rec yards, 5 rec TDs = 221 points
4) Willie Parker: 1316 Ru yards, 2 rutds, 164 rec yards, 0 rec tds = 159 points (RB by committee AND injured late in the season)
5) Jamal Lewis: 1304 RU yards, 9 RuTds, 248 rec yards, 2 rec TDs = 220 points

I don’t feel like going back to the 06 season, but when you take out Moss and TO's ridiculous TD scoring seasons last year, you can see the disparity in greater detail.

Theres simply not enough quality RBs to have a 3rd RB spot, in essence what you are doing because in very rare circumstances will you start a WR over a RB.

Id almost prefer a WR/TE flex, but then in the end it doesn’t make much sense, just make it a 3rd WR.

Apparently people love the flex position a little too much as I received these scathing responses:

Your analysis is flawed. You need to take into account many other factors such as bye weeks and injuries. Also a 3rd rb or 3rd wr are not going to be one of the top players so using the stats of the top 5 rbs and wrs in the league doesn't make sense. Like Josh said I think it is an opinion thing and not something that can broken down easily into numbers. There are far too many factors to take into account unless you have a degree in statistics Brian. Your previous email would point towards that not being the case.

How about using logic instead of statistics. If we use the flex position and you think an extra RB would benefit you most, draft an extra RB. IF you think a WR would be best, draft a WR. Disparity in numbers makes no argument. Let the GM draft and play who he wants. I'm for flex and played 3 WR all last year because of who I was able to get in the draft.

I wasnt trying to start a pissin contest as I have won leagues with 3 WRs and 3 RBs, that wasn't the point. My point was I wanted to make it a level playing field for all. I still didn't get a valid reason FOR having a flex, other than "i want it so we're doing it".

Its a 20 buck league, I couldnt imagine if this was for big bucks like my other leagues....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Variance or Doom Switch set to on?

Hoy had a good post today about variance. Sometimes no matter good you are playing, you just dont get the breaks, and yes, this happens online and off. He mentions how he got Pokerstarred last week in the Tao tourney, I also got pokerstarred.

8s vs 5s, 5s flops a set, after all-in pre. 10s vs 4s, 4s flop a set on an all heart board, no 10 of hearts in my hand. There was one particular fellow, KrazyKrip?, who seemed to only play hands that I called or raised. And everytime he beat me in those hands. Save for a few double ups along the way I wouldnt have lasted to the top 100 as I did. It doesnt help also when you are playing a HORSE tourney at the same time.

But to get to a point, online poker has a lot of "variance" we'll call it, and especially since I have been playing Razz exclusively, I see it a lot clearer. For example, playing 1/2 Razz I went for an $84 bankroll up to $237. As soon as I hit the 237 mark, I could not win a hand to save my life. Now, in all fairness, I did start playing looser, villains decided they couldnt fold ever, even to scary boards, and I called knowing I was beat but frustrated because I couldnt win a hand. After this shift, I feel to about $140. Then, like a light switch, I start hitting all my draws, villians cant lay bad hands down (even 10s and Js when I clearly have at least a 9) and when i complete or raise it doesnt mean im going to brick 4th street automatically. I got up to $307, after being all the way down to $140.

It started again Friday night after I hit my high mark of $307. It starts off slowly, as it always does. I drop between 5-10 bucks, then I get it up to a positive amount, sometimes even as high as $20 up. Then the frefall begins. Like tthe bear market, I cant win with the best of it, I start to panic and stop raising my good hands fearing it leads to a jinx. Then I brick 4th street anyway. I call my cards. J then a king. It comes out J then a K. Freefall begins.

I had to pull the gf over and show her what happens every single hand. A-2-3 brick brick. I had 2-3-4 and get a 3, then a 2, then a 3 on 6th. It got so bad I started counting Face cards dead so I could play a hand and be sure I wouldnt brick high.

I dropped 50 bucks Friday night. I came back Saturday with a new attitude, and focus on not playing stupid. I played for 20 minutes, I dropped 22 more.

Finally I signed on yesterday and after starting off dropping 5 bucks quickly, I must have done something to appease the RNG and I began to hit my draws without bricks. I ended up 30+ for the night.

Such is the life cycle of the Razz player...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stealing a blog idea

so I stole this from Pokershrink and yes its almost a month old, but im gonna do it anyway.

Its an interesting concept called 100 things about me. For the few people who read this and REALLY want to know about me, this is your perfect chance!

Be warned a lot of this is corny and stupid.

1. I dont think I can think of 100 interesting things about myself, but I will try.

2. I firmly believe drinking excessivley in college ruined my typing skills.

3. I did not have my first alcoholic drink util June 2000, I was 20 and 3 months. It was a Zima sans Jolly Rancher.

4. I was born in Allentown, PA. Sacred Heart Hospital to be exact.

5. I lived in Bethlehem, PA for 22 years.

6. The song "Allentown" by Billy Joel is named after A-town PA, but its actually about Bethlehem.

7. I am the only Brian Slapinsky in the world, as far as I can tell anyway.

8. I went to Saint Anne's Catholic school from Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

9. I started to question Catholicism when my teacher couldn't adequately explain the Great Schism to me and I decided to research it.

10. There were 24 people in my class, I was voted 3rd least popular.

11. I stole a ring from my mom and gave it to a 7th grade crush.

12. I was the first male cantor in Saint Anne's church.

13. For extra credit in 6th grade I wrote 2 short stories and a musical.

14. The musical was set to the soundtrack of "Moonwalker", it involved all my classmates disappearing one by one, then when my love interest at the time disappeared I set out to rescue her.

15. I did not get to perform it as some of my classmates didn't like their names were used in the musical.

16. In 7th grade I was suspended for 1 day after throwing a skittle into this jackass kid's yogurt. He told the teacher that the skittle was on the floor, I said it had been.

17. I owned a copy of Joey Lawrence's debut cd. I also met him and had him autograph it.

18. I got him to do one "woah" for me.

19. My first crush was named Nicole Heart.

20. My second crush was named Anne Kephart

21. The first girl I really kissed was named Terra Hart, no relation to Nicole.

22. I had my first chance at sex when I was 13, I declined.

23. I reworked the lyrics to DRS' "Gangsta Lean" for Christmas time and
called "Christmas Scene". I performed this at the 8th grade Christmas show.

24. My first job was a paperboy for The Morning Call. I was 10.

25. I got the job so I could pay for my own braces.

26. From age 6 to 11 I was a soccer player.

27. At age 11, I was good enough that the coach for the 14 year old travelling team asked me to join.

28. I was ecstatic, but my mom forgot to sign me up for soccer that year and I never went back. She claims that I didn't want to go sign up.

29. In 4th grade I was scouted by the Singing Boys Choir of Pennsylvania. They came to my school, then asked me to come to a private audition at their headquarters. He told me I had "great range".

30. I didnt sign up because my parents said it cost too much. A week later the leader was indicted in beating the boys. Think there was some sexual stuff too...

31. I tried out for the high school soccer team. I was a beast on the field, but reckless. I slid tackled one of the good freshmen guys and I didnt make the team.

32. A few years later I was friends with the guy I slid-tackled and he had no idea that was me.

33. All in all I have auditioned for and made 3 out of 3 specialty choirs in high school and college.

34. I was also selected for County Choir my senior year.

35. I still remember the day I bought my first Magic the Gathering card. 06/14/94.

36. The first time I played poker for cash I won 20 bucks. Combo of 5 card draw and Anaconda, a 7 card stud variant.

37. My buddy hosted a poker game when we were 16, 2 other guys came over. We realized they were colluding about halfway thru and colluded ourselves, we ended up winning our money back and all of theirs. We split $50 profit.

38. I have never had an official IQ test, the free ones I have done online usually are around 136.

39. Iowa tests they gave us in grade school I was always in the top 10 percentile.

40. I don't think im smart, and actually I feel frustrated that im not smart enough to understand simple things.

41. I installed my first light fixture yesterday.

42. In my teens I installed my own car sound system, and a few of my friends.

43. Sophmore year in high school I was asked to host a year-end senior award show. I was asked to present as Spock.

44. My family was never big into sports, my next door neighbor got me interested.

45. In 7th and 8th grade I played football for the Beca-hi little hawks. I played Nose tackle, Defensive End, Linebacker, and Running back.

46. I played in only one game, the last play of the game in a blowout. I blew my assignment and by a fraction of an inch I missed nabbing a sack.

47. In practice during 8th grade, I ran a pass pattern as a RB and caught a beautiful amazing over the shoulder pass that had all my coaches shouting in excitement.

48. Unfortunately as I turned my head around the FS who hated my guts made no attempt to tackle me, just crouched and planted his facemask right into my stomach. He ruptured my liver. The last game of football I ever actually played.

49. I moved to Volleyball in High school, and played one year.

50. I followed the Philadelphia Eagles until January 1993, the last game I watched as a true fan was the playoff loss to the Cowboys.

51. Starting 09/01/93 I caught Joe Montana and Marcus Allen's first game as KC Chiefs. I followed them the rest of the season and ever since.

52. I have seen more KC Royal games than Philadelphia Phillies, the team I like. (2-1)

53. I have seen the Chiefs play 3 times. Preseason @ NY Giants, Week 8 @ Bills, and Home opener vs Bengals. All were KC losses.

54. I have never seen a live Hockey game.

55. I have never seen a live basketball game.

56. I've smoked a cigarette, but never inhaled.

57. I've never done any illegal drugs.

58. My freshroom dormroom mate was the campus drug dealer. His goal was to get me to smoke weed by the end of the year. Never happened, it was all gravy though because he always bought the beer.

59. I can not stand lagers. In order to fit in with the guys I drank with, I had to start the drinking with Busch then transfer to Yuengling.

60. In college I dated Mike Holgren's (the NFL coach) niece. The only way to validate it was a picture she had of her and her fam on the field when GB won the SB.

61. She broke up with me because I couldnt afford the gas to drive her to Pittsburgh to go shopping.

62. The first girl I ever dated that I was serious with I dated for off and on about 11 months. I didn't get over her until 4 years later.

63. My first car was a 1985 Pontiac Fiero.

64. I hit an old lady with my car. She got herself and a wire-rimmed golf cart over a 5 foot guardrail on a suspension bridge that was a PA highway.

65. Police report detailed that she was a schizo and forgot to take her medication. Actual quote to police officer "I was looking for a parkbench".

66. They outlined her body in chalk (she was alive) and they circled her dentures which I had knocked out of her mouth.

67. 5 months later a kid ran a stop sign on a bike and smashed into my car.

68. On my 21st birthday, an 18 year old girl at a bar bought me and herself a drink.

69. I lived in west Texas for 8 months.

70. I served Bob Knight food at a KFC in the drive-thru.

71. I have a Series 6 license. I passed the test with a 72 (70 is the threshold). I played craps late into the night before the test, and played craps after I passed the test.

72. Since 9/11 I have been on 4 flights. Allentown to Philly, Philly to Dallas, Lubbock to Dallas, Dallas to Hartford. I have been selectively screened 3 times.

73. At a poker tournament a month ago, seat 9 asked what nationality I was. I told him I wasn't sure but usually I just say Slovakian. He told me I was a spitting image of his cousin, his cousin is Afghani.

74. Nationalities I have or am alleged to be: Slovakian, German, Russian, Hungarian, Irish, Pennsylvanian Dutch, Austrian.

75. My last name is spelled Slap-in-sky. Lately every company is spelling it Slapinski. Even when I spell it correctly for them.

76. Most asked question: Are you Polish?

77. My last name was created at Ellis Island. It originall was some spelling of Slachinski. Great-Grandad apparently couldnt speak good English.

78. I have a subconcious attraction to Italian women. Every girl I had a crush on was some part Italian.

79. My current girlfriend is 100% Sicilian. Her grandmom and late grandad moved here from Italy.

80. I believe I have a severe case of ADD.

81. I broke all three bones that make up my right ankle. Slipped on ice.

82. Biggest cashes online poker: $660 first place in a Gaming Club Poker Room freeroll, $1,335 4th on fulltilt 14k.

83. Biggest cashes at Foxwoods: $1,080 in 1/2 NL, $1,100 in 1/2 NL, $800 in 1/2 NL. Never cashed in a MTT, placed in their SnGs many times.

84. I am a super Star Wars nerd.

85. I have always believed Im a Jack of all trades. Knowledge of many things, master of none.

86. Things I have majored or minored in during my 1 1/2 years of college: Theatre, philosophy, Radio Broadcasting

87. Realization college was not for me: I received a D in my health class because of my attendance. My grades were A+ in the class otherwise.

88. Learning about the effects of alcohol while half the class comes in drunk is the epitome of irony.

89. Song that best describes me: Bohemian Rhapsody

90. Favorite movie: Blazing Saddles

91. Favorite music genre: 90's rock and alternative. Oh and techno.

92. My dad and I share the same birthday. March 22nd. He was 29 when i was born.

93. I would have had to do the nasty 2 months ago if I wanted to try for 3 generations in a row on 3/22.

94. Over/under on age of me having a heart attack: 45

95. I believe in reincarnation. Sometimes I feel like I know things ive never expierienced. For example while playing a submarine video game, i became paralyzed with fear at drowning in the dark abyss as i looked around.

96. I've been with my gf almost 6 years, we've owned 2 pieces of property together, and she still doesnt want to get married.

97. People always assume im the one who doesnt want to get married.

98. Things on my bucket list: Play WSOP, visit Australia, get a pilot's license, visit the remaining ancient seven wonders (Giza and stonehenge)

99. I think Maya and Alicia Keyes are the most beautiful women in the world. Plus they sing.

100. House I grew up in and where my parents still live: Converted 1930's barn into a duplex. 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 half baths. Old and dilapidated.
House I just bought: 1800 square feet, 3 1/2 baths, 3 bedrooms. Buit in 1998.

If you read this, thanks for reading!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Grueling weekend..

We finally closed on the house Thursday. Friday was spent having the hardwood floor people come over and make the floors look shiny and new. Also had the concrete guy come and fix 4 floor to ceiling cracks in the basement, not a big deal and he himself said he wouldnt turn down our house for those cracks.

Yesterday we got the first room, the master closet, painted. It was a lovely peach/salmon color and took the whole can o paint just to hide it. Today, and maybe Friday are the only days I really dont have anything to do. Movers come tomorrow, directtv and cox cable on wednesday, bernies/puritan on thursday.

Oh and, apparently Ray Allen, yes THAT Ray Allen just bought a house a few blocks down the street from me. He was in the same aisle as us at Lowe's yesterday and we saw his Escalade turn into a street a few blocks down the road. Im not much of a bball fan, but its kinda cool leaving near a famous athlete.

Poker has been horrible for me, horrible in the sense that I havent slept well the past few days from staying up all night getting back to even. Played HORSE with Riggs a few days back, and Razz with IT last night. Went to bed at 4am when I finally got back to even.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Outing and disclosure

Since I told Heffmike, I figure I may as well post it and let the resulting flames rain down.

Over a year ago I signed up to FT at the behest of a friend. When I signed up we struck a deal where any rakeback I earned I would be given half of. No big deal since I was only throwing $100 on here and i figured i wouldnt generate enough rakeback more than 10/month at best.

Then I came in 4th in the 28k. Good for $1300. With a bankroll I started playing higher stakes etc etc. And in my awesome memory I totally forgot about the rakeback deal with my buddy.

May comes around and I was playing 2/4 and 1/2 stud non-stop to get my first ironman metal. In June an offhand comment by said friend let me know that he got paid $50 for my hard work, while I literally ended up pissing my bankroll away. Now because I also share fault in not upholding his part of the deal I made no mention of our arrangement and I went about my buisness, stewing inside. And no, Im not mad at that person for it, and im sure he would feel bad if i did say something.

After speaking with another blogger, i got the idea to sign my gf up for an account to get rakeback for my cash games, and i would just transfer money to my account for any blogger games I wanted to participate in. Ironically at this same time the Hoy blogger drama was kicking up, which made me feel like I absolutely had to keep it a secret for fear of being the butt of jokes (i mean other than the ones about how i play poker) or even just ostracized from the blogger community altogether.

So it went this way for over a month until FT stopped letting me send money over to PB322 for blogger tourneys. So for the first time I played the Mook last night as 1Queens Up1. I got sat with some people I like, PirateLaywer, Evy, and Joanne. Again afraid of being "outted" I didn't say a peep. Tonight I was playing 1/2 HORSE when i got rolled up 8s and saw the initial raiser was Heffmike. We've chatted before and blogged on each others blogs and me being a friendly person (and him being mad at my donk play) i had to let him know who i was. The End

So like I said I had my reasons for doing it, I know not too many people visit this corner of the interwebz anyway but for any who do I just want to be considered a cheater or sneak or whatever. If you are upset by this, I am truly sorry but in my mind this was strictly a buisness decision (rakeback) more than trying to decieve anyone. Again Im sorry if I tick anyone off.