Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another case of the ho-hums

Havent blogged too much about poker lately. Could have something to do with I've been sucking it up lately.

Live the last 2 times I've gone to the casino has produced beat after beat in various types of poker. 1/2 nl: guy puts me all in when i flop top set of 10s, and his q-6cc doesnt spike the 5th club but does make back door rx2 straight.
5/10 Limit: 3 straight river beats when I correctly place my opponents hans and their 5 or less outs to beat me.

Home games i've been doing ok, in fact, home games have been keeping the bankroll alive.

Online is ass. Can't maintain a $40 gain and give that plus 30 back. Always to the most redonkulous of people. Whats that? Call 2 bets cold, improve to one pair on 4th and on 6th pair that ace for 2? Makes sense to me...

One thing I've learned very hard is there is no justice in poker.
The whole "hes playing like a retard, ill take his money soon!" axiom is retarded. Live or online, idiots win. I think part of this can be attributed to fact that knowing how many outs or percentages to win dillude a decent a marginal player's mind, versus say someone like the 5/10 limit guy whos never played poker before and has to take his glasses off and put his J-7o in front of his face to figure out if he just hit his 2 outer straight.
A fine example of why until the crowds thin enough at the WSOP, a pro cannot win. Impossible to survive days of idiot luck. They would need luck greater than all the dipshits who think they understand poker in the entire city of Las Vegas, just to make the final table.

I dont excuse myself either, I was very successful when I started playing. When I thought pot odds were silly and catching 4 or less outs was skill. We've all been there. I think my buddy Joe said it best when he told me "Variance doesnt mean just a day, a week, a month, a year, 5 years, 10 years etc etc. Variance COULD mean an entire lifetime technically."

Thats me a lifetime of negative variance. Ok, Im not really serious about that as I know I've had my good periods, I just take these huge downswings horribly. If I feel I'm playing well and I just can't win what is John Calvin say my lesson here is?
Damn bougeouise!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Return of Lost

Im not gonna give a play by play of the 2 hour premiere, if you need one I suggest going here.

Also since I'm not very funny anyway, I would suggets clicking on the Julius Goat link on the right to read anything hilarious that Goat might whip up for an episode recap.

What I want to just layout here is various thoughts I had during the show. Please keep in mind I dont have photographic memory and yes I am sometimes lazy, so this allows me to offer a "100% accurate of your money back" disclaimer to all thoughts I have, lucky you! I also havent hit up Lostpedia yet, so if the same discussions are going on over there then great minds think alike.

1) The opening clock. The time was 8:14. Now I know for certain the 8 is one of those mysterious number, i believer the 14 and eventually 15 also are. Also the date (could have been the month?) was 12, whch again I think is another number.

2) Scanner image of the orchid (past). Why was the wheel on the other side of where they were digging in the tunnel? Clearly this was remedied as Ben turned the wheel in a chamber of some sort, also it was freezing where he turned it, was it a man made freeze to maintain the energy?

3) Is it me or does Sun have an evil eye about her? I think she may be losing her marbles.

4) Time-shift & coffins on the island: Im assuming that by bringing Locke back onto the island he magically come back to life, I think this is a foregone conclusion, only strengthened by Richard telling Locke he has to do die. You dont tell someone you made leader to die, if you dotn expect them to come back to life. Catch my drift? While we are at it, why didn't the others shift? Why did Ben get booted off the island instead of joining the 815-ites in time-jhumping bliss? I wonder if anyone associated with the show Sliders worked on this script?
Moving on, so does time-shifting also explain Jack's dad reanimating and randomly appearing? How about all those things we thought were "dreams" or "hallucinations" maybe they are all just time-shifting as well?

5) What happened to the chopper pilot?
Im sure this will be explained along the way but we see (i forget his name) agree to roll with the lie and drinking some Beck's, then so far he disappears.

Thats all i got for now, share any thoughts you might have!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

photobucket wasnt working....just ignore this

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change is in the Air

I have been absolutely remiss in not posting perhaps the biggest news in KC Chiefdom life. "King" Carl Peterson resigned, and KC actually went out and got the best GM available, Scott Pioli.

A few thoughts I had from yesterday's news conference:

1) Herm aint goin nowhere. There are a few reasons I believe this, including Scott praising the bejeezus out of him and the fact that letting hm go say past today is just really cruel on the part of KC just in case someone wants to take a chance on him as a DC or HC.

2) Pioli has none of the ego-centric qualities of Carl (then again not many people do). You could when he defers to Clark its genuine where as Carl rarely deferred to Clark.

And a final thought on Carl. I don't hate the man at all. I think what he did for the city of KC and its envolvement in the NFL was astounding. Safe to say as a child growing up in East Central PA I had never heard of KC until they made the huge signings of Allen and Montana.
He did a lot of good things, but he also can't be forgiven for staying too long and taking the criticsm he received too personal.

I wish him well wherever he may go, and I look forward to a new era of Chiefs football.