Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Favre gets shopped around, surprising team on list

After the ravens said they didnt want to deal for them, here are the other teams allegedly interested:

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports that other teams potentially interested in Favre are the Bears, Bills, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Dolphins, Falcons, Jets, Lions, Panthers, Redskins and Vikings.

Yes, no, yes, NO, yes but no, yes, no, yes, yes, no and no.

No idea why the Chiefs are mentioned in there, I suppose its because they just took every team who doesnt have an entrenched starter and said "these teams want him".

From the Kansas City Star:

The Chiefs’ list of unsigned draft picks continued to dwindle Monday when they agreed to terms on three-year contracts with running back Jamaal Charles and tight end Brad Cottam. Both were third-round selections.

The problem is that time is dwindling before Friday’s opening of training camp, and the Chiefs’ three top picks remained unsigned. Defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey, the fifth overall choice in the draft, is the highest remaining unsigned pick.

The Chiefs’ other first-round pick, offensive tackle Branden Albert, and second-round cornerback Brandon Flowers were also still unsigned.

Seems like another typical hold out year for our top picks. I swear to Lombardi, if Carl Peterson had half a brain as a GM his 5 year plan would have succeded in year 3.
Serious how could you just blatantly screw up your job and STILL get to keep it?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great night at Foxwoods

On a whim, and with the gf coming along gruidingly, her parents had talked her into it (read: forced, guilted whatever) into going to the casino.

I get there about 7:30, waited 5 mins, then they opened a brand new table and I bought in for max.

Right off the bat I could tell that 8 of the people at this table were just weak. Case in point, lady to my right got all her money in with A-2 in her hand and a 2 on the flop against K-J with a J on the flop, turned two pair. She later turned 2 pair after she called a decent raise with 9-6o and turned 2 pair. I nearly spit out my Amp when she told a newly joined player that she was playing really well. We had one guy get lost going to and coming back from the cage, that was fun and exciting.

I just watched the table for the few first rounds and ascertained that only the guy to my left, really had a grasp at what was going on. A super LAG with excellent post-flop play.

The first hand I played was in the CO with Ac-Qc. I raised to 12 and picked up the LAG plus the BB.

Flop Qd-Jc-10d
SB bets 20, I call 20, LAG raises to 85. Cant call here, so I fold. As soon as the seat to the left of the LAG opens up I immediately grab it.
He was running over the table so bad, most of the donks had no idea what hit them. He was up over $800 before anyone knew what happened. I figured I wait for my spots and value bet the heck out of him.

Next hand I had A-K in MP. I raise to 15 and just pick up the LAG.
Flop is all low, semi-coordinated 7 high. He checks to me and I bet $25. He pops it back to $75 before I just push with my $225ish left. He thinks, then folds. He asks me if I had J-J, all I replied was that it was good enough pair. Give him the thought maybe it was 8-8 or somethin.

I limped a few hands after that and didnt improve, finally I get 6-6 and call the Young Kid's raise along with the LAG limping.

FLOP is 3-4-5

Young kid bets out 20, LAG calls, I reraise to 75. Young kid thinks for a bit then gives it up, LAG folds. Young kid said he was worried I slow-played a higher pair.

Next hand I have A-9o in LP, LAG raises to 12 and I call it, along with one EP.

FLOP is 10-9-9 double sooted.

EP bets 25, LAG raises to $90. I raise to $200. Fold fold. Kickin myself because I could smooth-called, but I thought I was leaving myself open to draws...

Another hand I have A-Ko UTG, I raise to 15. MP calls, and the button calls.

FLOP is Q-J-10 two diamods. Flopped straights are gold?

I check. MP checks. Button bets 15. I call. MP raises to 30. Button re-raises to 95. I have 200 behind... I push and get it in with the best.
MP calls, Button calls. What were the hands? A-K vs A-K vs K-9 no diamond draws. Me and the button chop up $225 from the K-9.

The big hand of the night: Im the SB.

1 limper from MP, LAG (button) raises to 12. I look down to see Js-10s. Not a great holding in SB, but I decided to take a chance as I had been playing fairly tight. I call, BB folds.

FLOP is Jc-10c-x

I check, MP checks, LAG bets 20. I raise to 65. MP folds, LAG calls.


Scary turn if he was playing his draw. I check, knowing full well hes going to bet. The problem I have with my play here is I just call instead of a re-raise to find otu where I am. He bets out 125. I call.


I check again to see what hes going to do. He throws another bet out there for $225. At this point I have a smidgeon over $300 left. The pot is a healthy $615. As I look at my chips I figure I can not fold this hand to this guy. I wish I knew what the proper way of thinking here was other than "if I call and lose, I still have over $100 left" ,but thats what it was.

As soon as I said call, he mucked his hand. He told me he missed his flush draw and he figured he could get me off a Jack. I showed the 2 pair and he just nodded his head.

That put me up to about $1k, another hand later on when a guy bet trip aces into my wheel gave me another $100. Ended up the night +$800.

To be honest, I felt I played pretty good, but as I sit here typing this I still cannot figure out why I did not pop him on the turn. HE told if I had done that, he was done with the hand. So in hindsight, it was more profitable to just call, but I hadn't have a sound strategy of what to do if he bet the river, especially if it was non-scary like it was. This is where I need to improve.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally got internet back last night, more Beer, and Favre

So not a lot of poker playing, although I did win a $6.50 SnG yesterday, woot go me.

I'd be remiss if i didnt include the following website, Save A-B, after my post last week.
Like I said last week, even if you despise Budweiser or its products, keep the company an American one.

Cmon Canadians! I'd vote to keep your beers Canadian too if you asked!

As for the Favre saga, im officially done. I admire/respect the guy, i think he can play into his mid-40s (if he has the itch that is), but I am tired of the "One Life to Live" type drama-lama.
The latest happening is that the Pack filed tampering charges against the Vikes. They allege the Vikes did this on purpose to cause "turmoil" in the Packers family. You know what? If they did that, then I think thats the funniest shiat I have heard in a long time. Maybe this will distract the league long enough to allow Belicheat to start filming the sidelines again...

As for the Chiefs, they signed 3 of their 9 draft picks, awesome! Until you find out it was the last 3 they picked... Typical Carl Peterson, wont sign the help till the end of camp, they miss 3 weeks of the season, finally come in, suck, then have a season ending injury. (See "Ryan Sims")

Monday, July 14, 2008

Losing an American Icon, and the portrait of a serial killer!

Black Widow

Apparently she liked to take life insurance policies out on husbands and then they all died under suspicious circumstances. KNOW YOUR SERIAL KILLERS!!
Although you would think that the insurance company(companies) would have figured this out sooner considering the questions they ask on the application....

On the buisness side of things, the world didnt crash and burn, the gov't is helping out ole Freddy and Fannie, so crisis averted for now.

In other buisness news, Anheuser-Busch was sold to Belgian brewer InBev. I think this is the saddest news to hit American buisness in a long time (housing crisis and Enron excluded of course). Now before I rant, I have to say I <3 America, but I'm not silly enough to believe the USA is the be all end all, so when I say this sale hurts me as an American person Im not trying to sound USA snobbish. I do think this is a major blow to American buisness. Love or hate the beer, its an American staple. Think if Lebatt or Molson was sold off to some German brewery, thats about the same effect.

No real poker to speak of other than a monthly home game at an Ante-Upper's house.

6 showed, I had the chip lead by a decent margin going into heads up. Donked some off, and got all in on the flop against a flush draw that hit (obv) on the turn. 2nd place.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dr Greenspan or "How I learned to stop worrying and love the recession"

Holy crap, is there anything more scary than this? Fannie and Freddie

Remember how bad it was when everyone thought Bear Stearns was going under? This is 1000x worse than that. The thing that keeps ringing in my head is how in Series 6 training they kept hammering home the idea that a US government bond was the most secure of all securities offered... think about all those people who have portfolios that include these bonds!

While im fairly confident that some bail-out will be hammered out over the weekend, just think of the worst cast scenerio here, we come back, investors sell their holdings off en masse and we have another Black Monday. If that happens, oil will not be the biggest problem anymore, thats for sure.

But lets be cheery while we can, enjoy the weekend, win lots of money at the tables, and stay safe.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An inspiring Story

Maybe I'm just being relly gushy today but heres an interesting "where are they now?" story about Jim Abbott.

Journeyman pitcher with one usable hand who ended up throwing a no-hitter for the Yanks.

Jim Abbott

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am ready for some football!

As football season grows closer you will see more football related posts in between poker articles.

I'd like to address the whole Favre situation because it irks me. Favre should have known better not to make a hasty decision, the guy for the past at least 4 years has wavered on coming back or not. Hes only 37! Moon finished up his career at 42 if I remember right, yes he wasn't an everyday player when he ended his career with the Chiefs, but he still went through the rigors of a 16 week season. If the dude is coming back I say awesome. If the Packers want to move on with Aaron Rogers, I don't blame them. They are just as sick of the roller coaster as everyone else is, so whatever they want to do is fine. BUT, dont string him along. Just say "hey, dude, listen. We still think you can perform at a top-notch level, but we want to go with Aaron Rogers." I don't think thats disrespectful, I dont think Cheese-heads every where will riot, but I do think he deserves straight-forward honesty.

Which brings us to the next topic: What team would chase Favre?

I've heard the following: Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Carolina...

Baltimore: No way. Not thats hes amazing or anything but they do have a veteran in Kyle Boller if they do not feel Flacco is ready yet.

Tampa Bay: Only because Gruden would stack his 53 man roster with all QBs if he could...

Minnesota: I heard this as the most likely candidate for Favre...WHY??? GB would NEVER let him go to MIN or CHI...but even if they would, MIN is only in year 2 of the Tavaris Jackson expieriment, why would they risk alieniating him just for 1 maybe 2 years of Favre??? Doesn't make sense.

Chicago: Needs a QB bad, same division as the Pack.

Carolina: They were a mess last year at QB after Delhomme went down. They have an outstanding receiver in Steve Smith, and the prodigal son Mushin Muhammad. I don't know Delhomme's condition, but out of all the teams ive seen this seems like the best fit. Are they lock to make the playoffs with or without Favre? No.

I'd love to see him come to the Chiefs, but they are going to be horrible this year. This has to be the worst team fielded since I've become a fan way back in '93. I think if the Chiefs were in the running of the Favre sweepstakes (which I firmly know they are not) they are in the same boat as Baltimore. Young QB with a veteran backup.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thursday Night MTT, boring weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, I spent July 4th eve at F-woods testing my hand at another MTT, the $180 7pm-er. Its a deepstack tourney as the stacks start at 10k.

Got there at 6, registered at sat at 1-3 Stud for the majority of the hour untilit was time to go.

Table 8, seat 6. I get to the table and I notice a familiar face. Couldnt think of his namE, but I know I knew him. Then it hits me, hes a Foxwoods WPT winner...I text Unmpressed that im sitting with a WPT finals winner and he throws out some names, but I know its not either. Turns out it was Raj Patel. As seat 10 put it "the guy who was afraid to bet with Ks full of 4s because he was sure his oppenet had As full of 4s".

So yeah, the first "pro" I ever played with, and surprisingly I was not intimidated, nervous or anything I was feeling good. That also could be because I was partially drunk from a few hours before and I slept it off on the ride to F-woods.

The first few orbits I just watched, wanted to get a few ideas for how bluffy Raj would be and the "guy who made Ramer's jaw drop when he guess correctly his salary with Pfizer" AKA seat 10, was. That guy was very talkative, to the point he pissed off the entire table, although he didnt bother me much. The thing I noticed about Raj is he limped A LOT, and he raised very seldom and re-raised never (after checking his stats on WPT, that is exactly how he plays). Talkative guy limped with A-A, and guy directly to my right bluffed right into him with A-9. Very early on, talkative guy was up to 25k in chips. First hand I played was A-Jcc in MP, raised and got 5 callers. Checked around to me and I checked. Scared I guess, but with so many callers and it being a medium to low flop I figured someone had me, no point in betting when I'm looking to prolly get check-raised, so when someone bet I let it go. Next hand I played was K-Qo, flopped a K and the BB take the lead on the flop. I raised him on the turn when I felt he was on a flush draw. On the river when no 3rd spade came, he checked and I bet. He folded. He told me he was on a flush draw.

Next hand I played was J-10o in the SB. 1 limp to me, I complete, BB checks. Flop leaves me gutted. Check round. Turn gets me double gutshotted. Any Q or any 7 will do. I check, BB checks LP bets out 600, just a shade under Pot size, I figure I'll gambool and I call, BB folds. River is a Q! I bet out 700, he raises to 1500. At this point I have the nuts, he prolly doesn't put me on a straight with J-10, so I'm trying to decide how much he will pay to see it. I eventually decide to just double his bet, 3k. He calls, I show, he folds. Up to about 20k in chips with the average at 11k.

I bluffed at a few pots with air a few times when I was reading the table as weak, and kept chipping up. The big hand I had was when seat 10 limped in from early EP, folds around to me in late MP and I pick up A-Kdd. I raise to 3 1/2 the BB, and seat 10 pushes back. I dont know if I was just in the zone with my reads or what, but I hesitated for a sec then said "all-in". I know he had bluffed that kid with A-A but looking at him I saw a scared raise. He evntually said "call" and I was thinking oh crap, when he said "Your A-A is good" and I was relieved to see him flip up 5-5. Presto! Oh crap. Flop was all low, turn gave him a gutshot straight, but the River was a big beautiful A. After counting my stack I was up to 45k chips when the avg was 15k. If I wasnt the chip leader I was in the top 5 at least.

Everyone was saracstically upset to see him go, see when I busted him he was on tilt. From what? Well he claimed seat 2 had made a string bet when he bet 2200 as a raise. I didnt see it so I really have no idea if it was or not, but he claimed seat 2 put 2k in front of cards then reached back to get more chips before he said "raise". The table was with seat 2 and said the chips were on the side of his cards and Seat 2 claimed he was just putting money to the side to count. Essentially this argument was over T200 as the T2k would have been a raise anyway. 10 minutes later the floor ruled in Seat 2's favor.

So at break 1 I was about 45k, average was 15k.

The next 4 rounds were hell. Antes, and blind escalations coupled with a lack of cards led me to start dropping my stack. I lost about 7k on this particular play:

In the BB I pick up 10h-6d. Button and SB limp.

Flop is A-K-Q 2 hearts. Check round. Turn 4h. I figured why not try to take this pot down right now. I bet half pot. Button calls, SB folds.

Before I get to the river, I have to tell you that my mistake in this hand is not knwoing the button is a fonkey. In a previous hand, Raj was all-in, fonkey calls, and BB calls. Flop is all low cards and BB checks. Fonkey bets out a big amount. BB says, "I sure hope you have something". Well he didnt. What did he bet the other guy out with? A-Qo. There was a few moments of table beration towards this guy, until he spiked an A to knock Raj and his pocket 9s out.

Now to the River. The River was a blank, low card. I figure he has a weak A, and with the right bet I could get him off this hand. Into a pot of about 7k by this time I bet 5k. I figure if he has any sense he will look at he board and see that there are straight, and flush possiblities that I could have picked up in the BB, heck I could even have something like a better kicker A, and he would just fold. I would love for him to remember that this whole time I've been at the table I have never shown down a bluff, just the nuts. Keeping all that in mind, and taking a few seconds to deliberate he calls. What did he call with? As-7c. No hearts, no straights just TPSK. I was deflated. I don't think even if I pushed would he have folded. He was just that stupid, and I was just that blind to not see he was that stupid.

So I flounder around, they break my table and I draw table 1, seat 10. I sit down and I still have a sizable 28kish stack, good enough for about 3rd at this table. I continued the folding session under I grabbed A-10ss, raised pre-flop to 5k and got one caller. With the pot being over 10k with the antes included I figured I was commited and the flop wasnt scary, so I pushed. He folded. Up to 30kish. Eventually managed to get up to 40k when I tried a steal from the SB. Raised to 7.5k (3 1/2) with 6-8hh. Something I can withstand a call from. Either the BB sensed this, or really did have a good hand. Either way he pushed for 22.5 k more to me...as inside I was mad at myself for trying something so dumb. I folded, down to 25k-ish again.

2nd break: AVG: 25k, me 28k

Not long after they broke table one and I ended up in the 6th seat at another table. First hand I pick up A-A, yay! I almost raised out of turn because it had folded to me but UTG never acted. Right before I said "raise", UTG said raise. He made it 7.5k to go. Since I was CO and it folded to me, I decided just to smooth call his bet.
HU to the flop.

Flop was 9-5-4r UTG bets me almost all-in, I push. 400 for him to call. He flips up 8-8 and I show the A-A, he doesnt improve. I'm up to 50k with the average at 40. We got down to 30 people left (20 pay) and all of a sudden the short stacks couldnt lose. One of the bigger stacks at the table suffered 2 bad beats in back to back hands to cripple him. A-A vs shorty 9-9, flops a 9. A-K vs someones's A-Q Q on the flop.

For the span of one whole level (25 mins) no one busted and I kept getting blinded and anted opff with no good cards.

Break 3: Avg 55k, Me 37k

20 minutes later, after the blinds run through me I have 31k left and I pick up A-Ko. I push and big stack SB calls.

A-Ko vs K-Qhh. Flop: Q-8-8.

Done. Because Foxwoods was doing a crappy job updating the players remaining, I think I busted in 25th. When I looked up at the tourney clock it said 24 left. Hell I could have made the money and not known it for how good they were doing.

All in all, I was dejected I didnt cash again, but I felt good that I played well and at the beginning I was reading people well.

Next day, I lost 40% of my bankroll on FT when the doom switch was turned on.

Oh well, hopefully this week will be better.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mookie and moar Razz!

I think I've almost forgotten how to play NL (you could question if I ever knew how to play in the first place), I sat down for the Mookie last night and proceeded to be overwhelemed. Was hovering around 1500-2000 in chips until about the 1h:30min mark, when I doubled up with A-A. I then made a questionable call with A-K on a Q high flop and won. To lose I pushed 7-7 into J-J, grabbed a 7 on the flop and he turned a J. Yuck. Not too much later I was out when my 9-9 ran into the powerful A-J and got both an A and a J.

The real fun was again in Razz. I started out at the .50/1, but I took a leap at the 1/2 game. Super quickly I was up 10 bucks, and just as super quickly I was down $20. With 8 minutes to go before the mook I was up to $236. Paid 13 for the Mook, crapped out, then I went back to razz. Up and down for a little bit, I ended the night at $235.

So to recap. Last Wednesday I was down to $104. 95% of the time I played razz, the other 5% was nl cash. If we can just keep this razz streak going I will be in good shape!

Like I've said before, I doubt its just me, but Razz comes so easy to me. I have spot on reads with regards to what number my opponent(s) are drawing to and I raise or bet accordingly. I made a nice $25+ pot last night when I correctly read my 8-5 was way ahead of my opp.'s 8-7. It just feels good to be right, a majority of the time unlike NL.

Happy 4th everyone, and I found this awesome beach tip for you in case you get stung by a Ray:

Stingray poison is neutralized by ammonia. The two readily available sources of ammonia if you're at the beach are 1) Windex, which lifeguards should have if there are stingrays at that beach, and 2) urine, which you should have if you've been drinking. Don't worry, urine is sterile if you are healthy - in fact, some scavenger birds urinate on their feet to prevent infections from rotting meat.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Hijacked & Good night at Razz and another WSOP dream

I had a good laugh, got in this morning to do my post and the last post it says I left was something entirely in Spanish and looked like a good deal for vacations to Mexico....I think...

Anywhoo, monster night at the Razz tables. Razz seems to come second nature to me because its such a straight-forward game. If a guy's board reads 9-10-J-K, and yours is 2-4-6-7. Unless you have been caught bluffing with 3 pairs on more than one occasion, or hes an idiot. You will win.

Bet when you are ahead, check/call/fold when you are clearly behind, count all the dead cards. Maybe I'm over-simplifying it, but it just seems so easy. On top of that you have loads of players willing to absolutely call you down with 9 and 10s, even if you board is no higher than an 8.

Combine these things and it turned into a $56 profit for last night. Started at $154 and ended up at $210. Now, the exception is I didn't get bad beat to often, and I picked great spots to bluff. For example I had J-J in the hole but an A showing. A loose guy completed and I just called. 4th street was a 2. I bet, he called. 5th was a 4. I bet, he folded. His board wasn't pretty but I figure if he did have the 7 low he was repping he would have seen another card at least.

Had another WSOP dream last night, not as long or in-depth as the previous one. This one was basically my gf and me going to the WSOP at what best would be described as a high school gym, I asked her for the 10k which she said ok, but then asked me to buy her in as well. The last thing I remember is waiting in line to get into the gym... I know not very graphic or prophetic, but this is what happens when you play poker before going to bed...

El Mookie is tonight, 10pm on FT pw: vegas1. I think I'll be there, hope to see a lot of you too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

KC Chiefs fans suffer the dumbest thing since Carl Peterson WASN'T fired

from Yahoo:

Fans are asked to treat Chiefs games like bowling matches

See all those fans in that picture? They are dirty, filthy people who are running afoul of Arrowhead Stadium law and should be ejected and beaten with a railroad spike.

The Kansas City Chiefs have a "Fan Code of Conduct," which is essentially a list of rules that fans have to follow when they're attending a game at Arrowhead. In theory, it's not a bad idea, as you'd like your stadium to provide a friendly atmosphere for families and people who aren't drunken hooligans.

In practice, though, it might not be such a great idea, especially if the person responsible for coming up with the rules is an 85-year-old woman who teaches the 2nd grade and regards standing up as one of the evil things that young whippersnappers often do. Seriously, standing erect is the No. 2 item on the list of things that are prohibited:

• Standing and/or obstructing the view of other fans

Not only that, Pro Football Talk points out how seated fans can anonymously tattle on their upright counterparts:

The Chiefs also have set up a text-messaging system that allows fans who might be offended by behaviors like standing to report the situation to the powers-that-be.

Awesome. I hear they're even taking the extra step and including bed pans with every seat, so no one has to get up to use the bathroom. They're going to make the beer and peanut vendors crawl through the stadium on all fours. Also, as soon as you get to your seat and sit down, an usher's going to come by and inject you with a temporary paralytic.

Maybe I'm overreacting. The anti-standing policy might only be temporary. Maybe they'll lift the ban when the Chiefs can field an offense that might actually score a touchdown every now and then and might give fans a reason to stand. Maybe this is only the policy until Brodie Croyle improved or is replaced.

Still, it seems like an asinine, joyless, and dangerous policy. If standing is banned, we can't be far away from banning yelling, too, can we? I'm all for a friendly fan experience, but I'd also rather not turn Arrowhead into the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

I've seen my team at Arrowhead once. The Trent Green Concussion game, and yes it kinda gets annoying on 1st and 2nd downs when you have to stand and sit every 2 seconds, but i would never force anyone to friggin sit down when they are rooting on their team. I posted a comment that maybe Chiefs fans will stand again once they can Carl Peterson...idiots...

Even in Razz, quads beat a boat

Good night of Razz. .50/1 tables, kinda doom switched at the start when A-2-3-4 and A-2-4-6 brick out to some d-bag who started off with 5-6-8. Crazy table, had 1 nut job who was capping the 3rd street bets and sometimes 4th with an 8 or even a J on 4th street. I tended to stay out of pots heads up with him, but he also cost me some bucks when it was 3 way and he was staying in with clearly the worst hand and giving my opponent all the cards i needed to catch. Eventually luck came around on my side and I filled out my hands while he called me down with 8s and 7s. He went from $10 to $55 to $15 before he left.

So up until last night, my worst Razz hand that I won with was 2s full. Last night I started out with 3-5-7 and me one other guy bet/called till 5th when we started pairing up. We ended checking it down. He made quad 2s, and I filled up to Js full of 7s. Quads took it down. We had a good laugh about that one for a tad.

In the end, I ended up $15 to move the bankroll over $154 again. Up $50 from my tourney tilt last Wednesday.

Question for the 3 people or less that read my posts, if I want to schedule a vacation in Vegas next year, say the First week of June or something, whats the best way to go about doing this, and possibly the best deal?