Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mookie and moar Razz!

I think I've almost forgotten how to play NL (you could question if I ever knew how to play in the first place), I sat down for the Mookie last night and proceeded to be overwhelemed. Was hovering around 1500-2000 in chips until about the 1h:30min mark, when I doubled up with A-A. I then made a questionable call with A-K on a Q high flop and won. To lose I pushed 7-7 into J-J, grabbed a 7 on the flop and he turned a J. Yuck. Not too much later I was out when my 9-9 ran into the powerful A-J and got both an A and a J.

The real fun was again in Razz. I started out at the .50/1, but I took a leap at the 1/2 game. Super quickly I was up 10 bucks, and just as super quickly I was down $20. With 8 minutes to go before the mook I was up to $236. Paid 13 for the Mook, crapped out, then I went back to razz. Up and down for a little bit, I ended the night at $235.

So to recap. Last Wednesday I was down to $104. 95% of the time I played razz, the other 5% was nl cash. If we can just keep this razz streak going I will be in good shape!

Like I've said before, I doubt its just me, but Razz comes so easy to me. I have spot on reads with regards to what number my opponent(s) are drawing to and I raise or bet accordingly. I made a nice $25+ pot last night when I correctly read my 8-5 was way ahead of my opp.'s 8-7. It just feels good to be right, a majority of the time unlike NL.

Happy 4th everyone, and I found this awesome beach tip for you in case you get stung by a Ray:

Stingray poison is neutralized by ammonia. The two readily available sources of ammonia if you're at the beach are 1) Windex, which lifeguards should have if there are stingrays at that beach, and 2) urine, which you should have if you've been drinking. Don't worry, urine is sterile if you are healthy - in fact, some scavenger birds urinate on their feet to prevent infections from rotting meat.