Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Blog Hijacked & Good night at Razz and another WSOP dream

I had a good laugh, got in this morning to do my post and the last post it says I left was something entirely in Spanish and looked like a good deal for vacations to Mexico....I think...

Anywhoo, monster night at the Razz tables. Razz seems to come second nature to me because its such a straight-forward game. If a guy's board reads 9-10-J-K, and yours is 2-4-6-7. Unless you have been caught bluffing with 3 pairs on more than one occasion, or hes an idiot. You will win.

Bet when you are ahead, check/call/fold when you are clearly behind, count all the dead cards. Maybe I'm over-simplifying it, but it just seems so easy. On top of that you have loads of players willing to absolutely call you down with 9 and 10s, even if you board is no higher than an 8.

Combine these things and it turned into a $56 profit for last night. Started at $154 and ended up at $210. Now, the exception is I didn't get bad beat to often, and I picked great spots to bluff. For example I had J-J in the hole but an A showing. A loose guy completed and I just called. 4th street was a 2. I bet, he called. 5th was a 4. I bet, he folded. His board wasn't pretty but I figure if he did have the 7 low he was repping he would have seen another card at least.

Had another WSOP dream last night, not as long or in-depth as the previous one. This one was basically my gf and me going to the WSOP at what best would be described as a high school gym, I asked her for the 10k which she said ok, but then asked me to buy her in as well. The last thing I remember is waiting in line to get into the gym... I know not very graphic or prophetic, but this is what happens when you play poker before going to bed...

El Mookie is tonight, 10pm on FT pw: vegas1. I think I'll be there, hope to see a lot of you too.