Thursday, July 17, 2008

Finally got internet back last night, more Beer, and Favre

So not a lot of poker playing, although I did win a $6.50 SnG yesterday, woot go me.

I'd be remiss if i didnt include the following website, Save A-B, after my post last week.
Like I said last week, even if you despise Budweiser or its products, keep the company an American one.

Cmon Canadians! I'd vote to keep your beers Canadian too if you asked!

As for the Favre saga, im officially done. I admire/respect the guy, i think he can play into his mid-40s (if he has the itch that is), but I am tired of the "One Life to Live" type drama-lama.
The latest happening is that the Pack filed tampering charges against the Vikes. They allege the Vikes did this on purpose to cause "turmoil" in the Packers family. You know what? If they did that, then I think thats the funniest shiat I have heard in a long time. Maybe this will distract the league long enough to allow Belicheat to start filming the sidelines again...

As for the Chiefs, they signed 3 of their 9 draft picks, awesome! Until you find out it was the last 3 they picked... Typical Carl Peterson, wont sign the help till the end of camp, they miss 3 weeks of the season, finally come in, suck, then have a season ending injury. (See "Ryan Sims")