Saturday, July 19, 2008

Great night at Foxwoods

On a whim, and with the gf coming along gruidingly, her parents had talked her into it (read: forced, guilted whatever) into going to the casino.

I get there about 7:30, waited 5 mins, then they opened a brand new table and I bought in for max.

Right off the bat I could tell that 8 of the people at this table were just weak. Case in point, lady to my right got all her money in with A-2 in her hand and a 2 on the flop against K-J with a J on the flop, turned two pair. She later turned 2 pair after she called a decent raise with 9-6o and turned 2 pair. I nearly spit out my Amp when she told a newly joined player that she was playing really well. We had one guy get lost going to and coming back from the cage, that was fun and exciting.

I just watched the table for the few first rounds and ascertained that only the guy to my left, really had a grasp at what was going on. A super LAG with excellent post-flop play.

The first hand I played was in the CO with Ac-Qc. I raised to 12 and picked up the LAG plus the BB.

Flop Qd-Jc-10d
SB bets 20, I call 20, LAG raises to 85. Cant call here, so I fold. As soon as the seat to the left of the LAG opens up I immediately grab it.
He was running over the table so bad, most of the donks had no idea what hit them. He was up over $800 before anyone knew what happened. I figured I wait for my spots and value bet the heck out of him.

Next hand I had A-K in MP. I raise to 15 and just pick up the LAG.
Flop is all low, semi-coordinated 7 high. He checks to me and I bet $25. He pops it back to $75 before I just push with my $225ish left. He thinks, then folds. He asks me if I had J-J, all I replied was that it was good enough pair. Give him the thought maybe it was 8-8 or somethin.

I limped a few hands after that and didnt improve, finally I get 6-6 and call the Young Kid's raise along with the LAG limping.

FLOP is 3-4-5

Young kid bets out 20, LAG calls, I reraise to 75. Young kid thinks for a bit then gives it up, LAG folds. Young kid said he was worried I slow-played a higher pair.

Next hand I have A-9o in LP, LAG raises to 12 and I call it, along with one EP.

FLOP is 10-9-9 double sooted.

EP bets 25, LAG raises to $90. I raise to $200. Fold fold. Kickin myself because I could smooth-called, but I thought I was leaving myself open to draws...

Another hand I have A-Ko UTG, I raise to 15. MP calls, and the button calls.

FLOP is Q-J-10 two diamods. Flopped straights are gold?

I check. MP checks. Button bets 15. I call. MP raises to 30. Button re-raises to 95. I have 200 behind... I push and get it in with the best.
MP calls, Button calls. What were the hands? A-K vs A-K vs K-9 no diamond draws. Me and the button chop up $225 from the K-9.

The big hand of the night: Im the SB.

1 limper from MP, LAG (button) raises to 12. I look down to see Js-10s. Not a great holding in SB, but I decided to take a chance as I had been playing fairly tight. I call, BB folds.

FLOP is Jc-10c-x

I check, MP checks, LAG bets 20. I raise to 65. MP folds, LAG calls.


Scary turn if he was playing his draw. I check, knowing full well hes going to bet. The problem I have with my play here is I just call instead of a re-raise to find otu where I am. He bets out 125. I call.


I check again to see what hes going to do. He throws another bet out there for $225. At this point I have a smidgeon over $300 left. The pot is a healthy $615. As I look at my chips I figure I can not fold this hand to this guy. I wish I knew what the proper way of thinking here was other than "if I call and lose, I still have over $100 left" ,but thats what it was.

As soon as I said call, he mucked his hand. He told me he missed his flush draw and he figured he could get me off a Jack. I showed the 2 pair and he just nodded his head.

That put me up to about $1k, another hand later on when a guy bet trip aces into my wheel gave me another $100. Ended up the night +$800.

To be honest, I felt I played pretty good, but as I sit here typing this I still cannot figure out why I did not pop him on the turn. HE told if I had done that, he was done with the hand. So in hindsight, it was more profitable to just call, but I hadn't have a sound strategy of what to do if he bet the river, especially if it was non-scary like it was. This is where I need to improve.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.