Monday, July 14, 2008

Losing an American Icon, and the portrait of a serial killer!

Black Widow

Apparently she liked to take life insurance policies out on husbands and then they all died under suspicious circumstances. KNOW YOUR SERIAL KILLERS!!
Although you would think that the insurance company(companies) would have figured this out sooner considering the questions they ask on the application....

On the buisness side of things, the world didnt crash and burn, the gov't is helping out ole Freddy and Fannie, so crisis averted for now.

In other buisness news, Anheuser-Busch was sold to Belgian brewer InBev. I think this is the saddest news to hit American buisness in a long time (housing crisis and Enron excluded of course). Now before I rant, I have to say I <3 America, but I'm not silly enough to believe the USA is the be all end all, so when I say this sale hurts me as an American person Im not trying to sound USA snobbish. I do think this is a major blow to American buisness. Love or hate the beer, its an American staple. Think if Lebatt or Molson was sold off to some German brewery, thats about the same effect.

No real poker to speak of other than a monthly home game at an Ante-Upper's house.

6 showed, I had the chip lead by a decent margin going into heads up. Donked some off, and got all in on the flop against a flush draw that hit (obv) on the turn. 2nd place.