Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Even in Razz, quads beat a boat

Good night of Razz. .50/1 tables, kinda doom switched at the start when A-2-3-4 and A-2-4-6 brick out to some d-bag who started off with 5-6-8. Crazy table, had 1 nut job who was capping the 3rd street bets and sometimes 4th with an 8 or even a J on 4th street. I tended to stay out of pots heads up with him, but he also cost me some bucks when it was 3 way and he was staying in with clearly the worst hand and giving my opponent all the cards i needed to catch. Eventually luck came around on my side and I filled out my hands while he called me down with 8s and 7s. He went from $10 to $55 to $15 before he left.

So up until last night, my worst Razz hand that I won with was 2s full. Last night I started out with 3-5-7 and me one other guy bet/called till 5th when we started pairing up. We ended checking it down. He made quad 2s, and I filled up to Js full of 7s. Quads took it down. We had a good laugh about that one for a tad.

In the end, I ended up $15 to move the bankroll over $154 again. Up $50 from my tourney tilt last Wednesday.

Question for the 3 people or less that read my posts, if I want to schedule a vacation in Vegas next year, say the First week of June or something, whats the best way to go about doing this, and possibly the best deal?



lj said...

seems a little early to start planning, but last year when i went out for my first blogger gathering i booked on orbitz. they had a decent deal for a flight and four nights at the excalibur, so i took that.

Poker Brian said...

Thanks LJ, and good luck in the ME!