Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am ready for some football!

As football season grows closer you will see more football related posts in between poker articles.

I'd like to address the whole Favre situation because it irks me. Favre should have known better not to make a hasty decision, the guy for the past at least 4 years has wavered on coming back or not. Hes only 37! Moon finished up his career at 42 if I remember right, yes he wasn't an everyday player when he ended his career with the Chiefs, but he still went through the rigors of a 16 week season. If the dude is coming back I say awesome. If the Packers want to move on with Aaron Rogers, I don't blame them. They are just as sick of the roller coaster as everyone else is, so whatever they want to do is fine. BUT, dont string him along. Just say "hey, dude, listen. We still think you can perform at a top-notch level, but we want to go with Aaron Rogers." I don't think thats disrespectful, I dont think Cheese-heads every where will riot, but I do think he deserves straight-forward honesty.

Which brings us to the next topic: What team would chase Favre?

I've heard the following: Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, Carolina...

Baltimore: No way. Not thats hes amazing or anything but they do have a veteran in Kyle Boller if they do not feel Flacco is ready yet.

Tampa Bay: Only because Gruden would stack his 53 man roster with all QBs if he could...

Minnesota: I heard this as the most likely candidate for Favre...WHY??? GB would NEVER let him go to MIN or CHI...but even if they would, MIN is only in year 2 of the Tavaris Jackson expieriment, why would they risk alieniating him just for 1 maybe 2 years of Favre??? Doesn't make sense.

Chicago: Needs a QB bad, same division as the Pack.

Carolina: They were a mess last year at QB after Delhomme went down. They have an outstanding receiver in Steve Smith, and the prodigal son Mushin Muhammad. I don't know Delhomme's condition, but out of all the teams ive seen this seems like the best fit. Are they lock to make the playoffs with or without Favre? No.

I'd love to see him come to the Chiefs, but they are going to be horrible this year. This has to be the worst team fielded since I've become a fan way back in '93. I think if the Chiefs were in the running of the Favre sweepstakes (which I firmly know they are not) they are in the same boat as Baltimore. Young QB with a veteran backup.


Mike Maloney said...

I'm still under the firm belief that Favre isn't coming back, doesn't have any serious interest in coming back, and the only reason that this even gets talked about anymore is because the media has nothing better to talk about during the summer.