Thursday, January 15, 2009

Change is in the Air

I have been absolutely remiss in not posting perhaps the biggest news in KC Chiefdom life. "King" Carl Peterson resigned, and KC actually went out and got the best GM available, Scott Pioli.

A few thoughts I had from yesterday's news conference:

1) Herm aint goin nowhere. There are a few reasons I believe this, including Scott praising the bejeezus out of him and the fact that letting hm go say past today is just really cruel on the part of KC just in case someone wants to take a chance on him as a DC or HC.

2) Pioli has none of the ego-centric qualities of Carl (then again not many people do). You could when he defers to Clark its genuine where as Carl rarely deferred to Clark.

And a final thought on Carl. I don't hate the man at all. I think what he did for the city of KC and its envolvement in the NFL was astounding. Safe to say as a child growing up in East Central PA I had never heard of KC until they made the huge signings of Allen and Montana.
He did a lot of good things, but he also can't be forgiven for staying too long and taking the criticsm he received too personal.

I wish him well wherever he may go, and I look forward to a new era of Chiefs football.