Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stealing a blog idea

so I stole this from Pokershrink and yes its almost a month old, but im gonna do it anyway.

Its an interesting concept called 100 things about me. For the few people who read this and REALLY want to know about me, this is your perfect chance!

Be warned a lot of this is corny and stupid.

1. I dont think I can think of 100 interesting things about myself, but I will try.

2. I firmly believe drinking excessivley in college ruined my typing skills.

3. I did not have my first alcoholic drink util June 2000, I was 20 and 3 months. It was a Zima sans Jolly Rancher.

4. I was born in Allentown, PA. Sacred Heart Hospital to be exact.

5. I lived in Bethlehem, PA for 22 years.

6. The song "Allentown" by Billy Joel is named after A-town PA, but its actually about Bethlehem.

7. I am the only Brian Slapinsky in the world, as far as I can tell anyway.

8. I went to Saint Anne's Catholic school from Kindergarten thru 8th grade.

9. I started to question Catholicism when my teacher couldn't adequately explain the Great Schism to me and I decided to research it.

10. There were 24 people in my class, I was voted 3rd least popular.

11. I stole a ring from my mom and gave it to a 7th grade crush.

12. I was the first male cantor in Saint Anne's church.

13. For extra credit in 6th grade I wrote 2 short stories and a musical.

14. The musical was set to the soundtrack of "Moonwalker", it involved all my classmates disappearing one by one, then when my love interest at the time disappeared I set out to rescue her.

15. I did not get to perform it as some of my classmates didn't like their names were used in the musical.

16. In 7th grade I was suspended for 1 day after throwing a skittle into this jackass kid's yogurt. He told the teacher that the skittle was on the floor, I said it wasnt...it had been.

17. I owned a copy of Joey Lawrence's debut cd. I also met him and had him autograph it.

18. I got him to do one "woah" for me.

19. My first crush was named Nicole Heart.

20. My second crush was named Anne Kephart

21. The first girl I really kissed was named Terra Hart, no relation to Nicole.

22. I had my first chance at sex when I was 13, I declined.

23. I reworked the lyrics to DRS' "Gangsta Lean" for Christmas time and
called "Christmas Scene". I performed this at the 8th grade Christmas show.

24. My first job was a paperboy for The Morning Call. I was 10.

25. I got the job so I could pay for my own braces.

26. From age 6 to 11 I was a soccer player.

27. At age 11, I was good enough that the coach for the 14 year old travelling team asked me to join.

28. I was ecstatic, but my mom forgot to sign me up for soccer that year and I never went back. She claims that I didn't want to go sign up.

29. In 4th grade I was scouted by the Singing Boys Choir of Pennsylvania. They came to my school, then asked me to come to a private audition at their headquarters. He told me I had "great range".

30. I didnt sign up because my parents said it cost too much. A week later the leader was indicted in beating the boys. Think there was some sexual stuff too...

31. I tried out for the high school soccer team. I was a beast on the field, but reckless. I slid tackled one of the good freshmen guys and I didnt make the team.

32. A few years later I was friends with the guy I slid-tackled and he had no idea that was me.

33. All in all I have auditioned for and made 3 out of 3 specialty choirs in high school and college.

34. I was also selected for County Choir my senior year.

35. I still remember the day I bought my first Magic the Gathering card. 06/14/94.

36. The first time I played poker for cash I won 20 bucks. Combo of 5 card draw and Anaconda, a 7 card stud variant.

37. My buddy hosted a poker game when we were 16, 2 other guys came over. We realized they were colluding about halfway thru and colluded ourselves, we ended up winning our money back and all of theirs. We split $50 profit.

38. I have never had an official IQ test, the free ones I have done online usually are around 136.

39. Iowa tests they gave us in grade school I was always in the top 10 percentile.

40. I don't think im smart, and actually I feel frustrated that im not smart enough to understand simple things.

41. I installed my first light fixture yesterday.

42. In my teens I installed my own car sound system, and a few of my friends.

43. Sophmore year in high school I was asked to host a year-end senior award show. I was asked to present as Spock.

44. My family was never big into sports, my next door neighbor got me interested.

45. In 7th and 8th grade I played football for the Beca-hi little hawks. I played Nose tackle, Defensive End, Linebacker, and Running back.

46. I played in only one game, the last play of the game in a blowout. I blew my assignment and by a fraction of an inch I missed nabbing a sack.

47. In practice during 8th grade, I ran a pass pattern as a RB and caught a beautiful amazing over the shoulder pass that had all my coaches shouting in excitement.

48. Unfortunately as I turned my head around the FS who hated my guts made no attempt to tackle me, just crouched and planted his facemask right into my stomach. He ruptured my liver. The last game of football I ever actually played.

49. I moved to Volleyball in High school, and played one year.

50. I followed the Philadelphia Eagles until January 1993, the last game I watched as a true fan was the playoff loss to the Cowboys.

51. Starting 09/01/93 I caught Joe Montana and Marcus Allen's first game as KC Chiefs. I followed them the rest of the season and ever since.

52. I have seen more KC Royal games than Philadelphia Phillies, the team I like. (2-1)

53. I have seen the Chiefs play 3 times. Preseason @ NY Giants, Week 8 @ Bills, and Home opener vs Bengals. All were KC losses.

54. I have never seen a live Hockey game.

55. I have never seen a live basketball game.

56. I've smoked a cigarette, but never inhaled.

57. I've never done any illegal drugs.

58. My freshroom dormroom mate was the campus drug dealer. His goal was to get me to smoke weed by the end of the year. Never happened, it was all gravy though because he always bought the beer.

59. I can not stand lagers. In order to fit in with the guys I drank with, I had to start the drinking with Busch then transfer to Yuengling.

60. In college I dated Mike Holgren's (the NFL coach) niece. The only way to validate it was a picture she had of her and her fam on the field when GB won the SB.

61. She broke up with me because I couldnt afford the gas to drive her to Pittsburgh to go shopping.

62. The first girl I ever dated that I was serious with I dated for off and on about 11 months. I didn't get over her until 4 years later.

63. My first car was a 1985 Pontiac Fiero.

64. I hit an old lady with my car. She got herself and a wire-rimmed golf cart over a 5 foot guardrail on a suspension bridge that was a PA highway.

65. Police report detailed that she was a schizo and forgot to take her medication. Actual quote to police officer "I was looking for a parkbench".

66. They outlined her body in chalk (she was alive) and they circled her dentures which I had knocked out of her mouth.

67. 5 months later a kid ran a stop sign on a bike and smashed into my car.

68. On my 21st birthday, an 18 year old girl at a bar bought me and herself a drink.

69. I lived in west Texas for 8 months.

70. I served Bob Knight food at a KFC in the drive-thru.

71. I have a Series 6 license. I passed the test with a 72 (70 is the threshold). I played craps late into the night before the test, and played craps after I passed the test.

72. Since 9/11 I have been on 4 flights. Allentown to Philly, Philly to Dallas, Lubbock to Dallas, Dallas to Hartford. I have been selectively screened 3 times.

73. At a poker tournament a month ago, seat 9 asked what nationality I was. I told him I wasn't sure but usually I just say Slovakian. He told me I was a spitting image of his cousin, his cousin is Afghani.

74. Nationalities I have or am alleged to be: Slovakian, German, Russian, Hungarian, Irish, Pennsylvanian Dutch, Austrian.

75. My last name is spelled Slap-in-sky. Lately every company is spelling it Slapinski. Even when I spell it correctly for them.

76. Most asked question: Are you Polish?

77. My last name was created at Ellis Island. It originall was some spelling of Slachinski. Great-Grandad apparently couldnt speak good English.

78. I have a subconcious attraction to Italian women. Every girl I had a crush on was some part Italian.

79. My current girlfriend is 100% Sicilian. Her grandmom and late grandad moved here from Italy.

80. I believe I have a severe case of ADD.

81. I broke all three bones that make up my right ankle. Slipped on ice.

82. Biggest cashes online poker: $660 first place in a Gaming Club Poker Room freeroll, $1,335 4th on fulltilt 14k.

83. Biggest cashes at Foxwoods: $1,080 in 1/2 NL, $1,100 in 1/2 NL, $800 in 1/2 NL. Never cashed in a MTT, placed in their SnGs many times.

84. I am a super Star Wars nerd.

85. I have always believed Im a Jack of all trades. Knowledge of many things, master of none.

86. Things I have majored or minored in during my 1 1/2 years of college: Theatre, philosophy, Radio Broadcasting

87. Realization college was not for me: I received a D in my health class because of my attendance. My grades were A+ in the class otherwise.

88. Learning about the effects of alcohol while half the class comes in drunk is the epitome of irony.

89. Song that best describes me: Bohemian Rhapsody

90. Favorite movie: Blazing Saddles

91. Favorite music genre: 90's rock and alternative. Oh and techno.

92. My dad and I share the same birthday. March 22nd. He was 29 when i was born.

93. I would have had to do the nasty 2 months ago if I wanted to try for 3 generations in a row on 3/22.

94. Over/under on age of me having a heart attack: 45

95. I believe in reincarnation. Sometimes I feel like I know things ive never expierienced. For example while playing a submarine video game, i became paralyzed with fear at drowning in the dark abyss as i looked around.

96. I've been with my gf almost 6 years, we've owned 2 pieces of property together, and she still doesnt want to get married.

97. People always assume im the one who doesnt want to get married.

98. Things on my bucket list: Play WSOP, visit Australia, get a pilot's license, visit the remaining ancient seven wonders (Giza and stonehenge)

99. I think Maya and Alicia Keyes are the most beautiful women in the world. Plus they sing.

100. House I grew up in and where my parents still live: Converted 1930's barn into a duplex. 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 half baths. Old and dilapidated.
House I just bought: 1800 square feet, 3 1/2 baths, 3 bedrooms. Buit in 1998.

If you read this, thanks for reading!


SirFWALGMan said...

Woo hoo I made it to the end!! Damn you have bad luck in sports. Get your woman preggers then maybe she will marry you. ;).

Instant Tragedy said...

"Would you like that original recipe or crispy?"

I think you served me once. And I'm still waiting for my pie and cole slaw. How do you run out of cole slaw?


Keep the faith brother!

and as for Waffles, don't get her preggers if you don't have the ring and "The Plan" ready.


RaisingCayne said...

Waffles with the worst advice ever! Geez, absolutely horrible!!!

Marriage is an institution, and one in which you must be committed to be involved in... if that doesn't sound like something for the insane, I don't know what does.

lightning36 said...

Wow - how many of us were scarred for life with the Catholic elementary and junior high background?

Your teams are now on my radar. The Chiefs beat my pitiful Bears, and my White Sox can't wait for the next round of games against those criminals who call themselves Royals ...

PokerShrink said...

Nicely done, you made it to 100 and at your age that is not easy.