Monday, August 4, 2008

Grueling weekend..

We finally closed on the house Thursday. Friday was spent having the hardwood floor people come over and make the floors look shiny and new. Also had the concrete guy come and fix 4 floor to ceiling cracks in the basement, not a big deal and he himself said he wouldnt turn down our house for those cracks.

Yesterday we got the first room, the master closet, painted. It was a lovely peach/salmon color and took the whole can o paint just to hide it. Today, and maybe Friday are the only days I really dont have anything to do. Movers come tomorrow, directtv and cox cable on wednesday, bernies/puritan on thursday.

Oh and, apparently Ray Allen, yes THAT Ray Allen just bought a house a few blocks down the street from me. He was in the same aisle as us at Lowe's yesterday and we saw his Escalade turn into a street a few blocks down the road. Im not much of a bball fan, but its kinda cool leaving near a famous athlete.

Poker has been horrible for me, horrible in the sense that I havent slept well the past few days from staying up all night getting back to even. Played HORSE with Riggs a few days back, and Razz with IT last night. Went to bed at 4am when I finally got back to even.


The Poker Enthusiast said...

The last time I moved I had two houses so we took our time. Much easier that way except the two mortgage part of the deal.