Friday, August 1, 2008

Outing and disclosure

Since I told Heffmike, I figure I may as well post it and let the resulting flames rain down.

Over a year ago I signed up to FT at the behest of a friend. When I signed up we struck a deal where any rakeback I earned I would be given half of. No big deal since I was only throwing $100 on here and i figured i wouldnt generate enough rakeback more than 10/month at best.

Then I came in 4th in the 28k. Good for $1300. With a bankroll I started playing higher stakes etc etc. And in my awesome memory I totally forgot about the rakeback deal with my buddy.

May comes around and I was playing 2/4 and 1/2 stud non-stop to get my first ironman metal. In June an offhand comment by said friend let me know that he got paid $50 for my hard work, while I literally ended up pissing my bankroll away. Now because I also share fault in not upholding his part of the deal I made no mention of our arrangement and I went about my buisness, stewing inside. And no, Im not mad at that person for it, and im sure he would feel bad if i did say something.

After speaking with another blogger, i got the idea to sign my gf up for an account to get rakeback for my cash games, and i would just transfer money to my account for any blogger games I wanted to participate in. Ironically at this same time the Hoy blogger drama was kicking up, which made me feel like I absolutely had to keep it a secret for fear of being the butt of jokes (i mean other than the ones about how i play poker) or even just ostracized from the blogger community altogether.

So it went this way for over a month until FT stopped letting me send money over to PB322 for blogger tourneys. So for the first time I played the Mook last night as 1Queens Up1. I got sat with some people I like, PirateLaywer, Evy, and Joanne. Again afraid of being "outted" I didn't say a peep. Tonight I was playing 1/2 HORSE when i got rolled up 8s and saw the initial raiser was Heffmike. We've chatted before and blogged on each others blogs and me being a friendly person (and him being mad at my donk play) i had to let him know who i was. The End

So like I said I had my reasons for doing it, I know not too many people visit this corner of the interwebz anyway but for any who do I just want to be considered a cheater or sneak or whatever. If you are upset by this, I am truly sorry but in my mind this was strictly a buisness decision (rakeback) more than trying to decieve anyone. Again Im sorry if I tick anyone off.


SirFWALGMan said...

I think it's fine. I never got why Hoy was getting shit for not outting his name on Bodog. I fully agree he should get shit for being an asshole to Bodog but nothing else.

heffmike said...

Meh. It's not the worst thing in the world. You saved me money on that hand anyways, so it's all good. I think we're talking a can of sterno here, not roaring flames.

However, you can run into all sorts of problems down the line juggling a second account, good reason or not - but you already know that, and it's an issue for you to weigh and decide if the potential consequences are worth it, yadayadayada.

It's not like you can take an ad out announcing "hello, different account name here!" at the beginning of the Mookie anyway..

It is instructive, though. Would I play or chat any differently if I knew it was you? Perhaps. You knowing it was me had to be a bit of an edge...

Oh, and that hand wasn't that bad, as much as it was interesting play - interesting enough to post about and ponder - sometimes I pull the "you play bad" line on randoms just to see what they say back, if they tell me anything else useful after a non-standard hand, or if we're just going to start flinging poo at each other at twenty paces.. :-)

Nice playing with you the other night, though. Good times.

Poker Brian said...

Thanks guys,

I havent really played on PB322 in a few weeks due to the whole not letting me transfer money thing.

Im not one to be all secretive or whatnot, thats why I had to to tell you ASAP it was me. Honestly didnt even see you there until you raised. I probably would not have played the hand any different because my thought process was still the same. Raiser has Kings, if I raise with an 8 he puts me on a set or covered Aces.

It was nice playing with you too, always nice to have a friendly face at the table.

Shrike said...

Appreciate the honesty, and I think it's a good policy not to run a second account for the reasons Heffmike outlines.

Always fun playing with you.