Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sometimes Coincedence is just plain scary

Last night was supposed to be a home game that I go to. Originally it was shceduled to be held at some other than the regular host's house, but the wife had a change of mind.
So the host sent out an email that we had 4 people, and if we couldnt find one more poker was cancelled for this month. I spent most of my Thursday night trying to convince someone, anyone, to be our 5th player. Eventually about mid-Friday I sent Jason a text saying I tried and failed, no one was able to play.

So instead of getting ready for a poker game, I headed over to my house, grabbed the mail, grabbed my FFBL draft kit that arrived, met up with the gf and her mom and eventually settled on me going back home to her parents house.

As soon as I walked in the door I knew something was wrong. Alissa's dad was holding our little dog Spike (a minature chihuahua)was breathing weird and his mouth couldnt close. Her dad had just given them a doggy treat about 5 mins before I walked in and apparently Spike had had swallowed the thing whole anticipating a second treat.
This had happened before so Ik new to just rub his throat and try to coax him to throw it up, but this time was different. His tongue was turning blue and while he was trying to puke it up he was actually only puking up some pink foamy substance instead.
Liss' dad called her and her mom and they raced home, as soon as they got home we jumped in the car and took him to the pet emergency room. No sooner had I walked in the door with him one of the vets asked "choking?" i said yes, he grabbed him and took him into the ER.

Long story short, they stuck a tube down his throat to stabilize the breathing, they removed the treat (after sedating him) and other than some swelling in his throat he was going to be ok.

Actually, I knew he would be ok before they told us...while in the waiting room I heard his loud obnoxious bark (he picked up a howl when he was a pup because he use to hang out with a pair of Beagles). So he went from on the verge of choking to death to yapping his head off in the ER.

So anyway hes ok now, still being cautious what we feed him, and hes allowed to drink too. Just think it was amazing that 1) I couldnt find a 5th poker player for the game 2) Liss and her mom had wanted to go out to eat somewhere, I told them I wasnt feeling up to it, which lead to me going home.

Funny how things work out sometimes...


The Poker Enthusiast said...

Been there before. My dog found a fish hook and thought it would be fun to chew on it for a while. you can imagine what that looked like.