Friday, August 22, 2008

Riverchaser win and HORSE cash games

On a whim I late registered for the Riverchaser tourney last night and played basic ABC poker. Folded every hand until I had a pair or A-Q, A-K. Js were the highest pair I had all-night and I managed to take someone out when K-K shoved against my 4-4on a flop were I hit my set.

Other than make a thoughtful call against Waffles when I held K-9o, I played fairly good I spose. I did donk play A-K vs skidoo heads up. He had a pair adn we got it in post-flop, I spiked i think a K on the turn.

A hand I wasnt even really paying attention to turned into the final one. I held 8-7o. Bet the flop when I hit top pair. We both Check the turn when a 3rd heart came. And I bet the pot on the river when the 8 in my hand gave me an 8 high straight. He re-potted, but I had a suspicion he may have made a lower straight, not the flush, so I pushed all-in. He decided to call and I took the $65 first place home.

Well played skidoo.

Razz has been kicking my rear lately. My highest bankroll was 307 3 weeks ago until I pley $80 and .50/1. Uusally donk stuff. Since then I've been floating around the $250 mark. Both Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I dropped down to $200 only to fight my way back up to $250 at around 2am (while watching the Olympics) to end the day at even.
Wednesday was the worst day. I assploded at the table at no less than 3 players. Every single time because they were chasing not made 8s when Im chasing a 5 or 6 and they catch and I brick out. All 3 were playign just awful razz and catching. The last guy said he was going to play one more hand, of course its when I have a-2-5.
Don't remember the exact cards in the hand after that but I had hit an 8 low on 5th and his board contained a k and a j. I beat 6th street and he comments before calling "here comes another J for me". And wouldnt you know I brick, I bet, and he raises. I call to see he backed into a 7. The only thing I could think of was to type "GTFO"... He said he was sorry because he was having a bad night and I told him t F off. It only got worse from there...about 30 minutes later he did the same exact thing again to me, this time even more intentional than the first. I was down to $200again.
I decided to sit at 1/2 HORSE 6 max, because usually the donks at that are so bad. Unless I got the nuts in every other game I wait till Razz and let them donk their money to me.
Plan worked to perfection, got back up to $250. After the RC, I had a healthy 307 in my account again and I sat down at that same HORSE table. Made a bunch of Razz, and even a bunch more when I got rolled up 7s in S8, and some guy kept re-raising me. Made my boat on 6th and he caleld the rest of the way. Ended the night up to $330.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and is profitable at the tables!


SirFWALGMan said...

gg man. glad you won.