Thursday, May 29, 2008

"And So It Goes" - Billy Joel

It was a bad call, theres just no other way to justify it. My gut said he wasn't as good as he was representing, but I just couldn't fold.

So I was bounced in 9th place last night at the Mook, ending what was turning out to be a dream run at a possible shot for the TOC seat. The hand in question played out like this:

Blinds 1200/600 125 ante (i think thats right).
Villian in late EP raises to 4200. Folds around to me in the BB where I have 8-8. I could have played this soft and just called the raise, but I hate being OOP and having no idea how strong someone else's hand is. So I pop it back up to 16k. I think so far everything I did was ok, but then he pushed.... I'm not pot committed by any means, hes shown agression twice which would be a good indicator of at worst A-K, A-Qs. In fact, my only chance is that he has an unpaired Ace. So why did I call? Is it because I play to win? Calling off my stack here in front of such aggression is a horrible play, but my gut keeps saying "call, call". So I did, and the Villian flips up A-10o... It didnt matter really, He could have A-2o and he still gets that A on the flop. The 10 on the River didnt help anything either.

And so my awesome Mookie run came to an end, and most likely my shot at a seat. Tonight is PLO which I suck at, and Sunday is the big game that I cant afford due to my recent cash game luck. So gl to all of you that are in, and put those WSOP prizes to good use!

While the Mook was going on last night, Buddy Dank and IT were celebrating 1 year of Poker Radio. Buddy got drunk with a box o wine and we all watched hilariously on hsi web cam as he ravished the box. At one point I was paying more attention to this than the actual Mookie (maybe Karma?) until the J-J hand then I turned the radio off and focused. That was the funniest stuff I have seen in a long time, but the shout box made the night. I will admit to being the following people: High School Girls, Germany, Buddy's Mic, Franzia (the original!), Rick Astley and many more that I can't remember. Thanks for the funny stuff guys, and I hope someone youtubes his guitar performance.

Non-poker schtuff. As of Friday night Alissa and I will be officially moved out of our Condo and liveing with her rents until the house we bought is ready. We decided to hit the road a little sooner than we planned due to receiving a letter from the condo association that they "Received several complaints of our dogs barking". Now thats what dogs do, they bark. And this only occurs during the weekdays during the day, not late at night, not early in the morning, during the day when most normal people are at work. Since the association is stupid and obviously forgot we are on the way out and they send a pointless letter about how we can get fined $25 for each occurance, we decided to pack it up early. Needless to say I'm glad to be getting the hell out of there.

Lost 2 hour season finale tonight, and the RC. Be there or be rectangular in nature.