Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Donkey Butt" - 12 Gauge

Can a leak be stupid calls late in MTTs? How does one explain at one time being a chip-leader with almost 20k in chips while 2nd has 9k, and out of 60 people end up finishing 10th?

What happens is everytime I think im being sneaky and slow-playing a possible monster i get crushed.

The hand I busted on was As-Ks. Actyper raised to 3x BB, and I re-raised him 3.5 times more. He was the chip leader at 39k, and i had 26k at the start (good for like 3rd or 4th).

Flop is Js-Kx-5s. I figure this is my dream flop, top pair, top kicker, with the nut flush draw. So I promised myself next time I had a monster, I would play it just like I missed the flop completely. I bet 2k into 1 10k pot. Act called.

Turn 5x. I figure I have to be good now if hes just calling me. So I check (just like I had done previously when I missed. He checks along with me.

River 10x

Last time we got to this spot with A-Q I rivered an Ace, bet 2k again, he raised to 8k and I called. We both had A-Q. This time I didnt put him on A-Q. With a raise from him pre-flop as the chip leader I couldnt say A-J was out of the ordinary, and he was calling along hoping I was bluffing. So anyway, I bet out 2k again, thinking id just get a call. He thinks about it for a long time then re-raises all-in for 31k. Fishy fishy fishy. You dont raise all-in like that as a chip leader unless you think im really gonna call (if you have a made hand)or you have Air and are trying to get me off my hand.

The thing is, I thought about this call a while, I checked th eleader board and my chip stack. If I fold I have 18k in chips good enough still for 5th place. Its costing me basically 18k into a 34k pot. If I win I have 52k in chips and a better than avergae shot to win this thing. So after a few more seconds of thought I end up calling figureing it has to be a bluff of some kind. Quad 5s.

Kicking myself the rest of the night for doing that. I could have just folded to the gd money as it was only 2 spots away.

Well at least I got some points...whoop dee doo.

So I headed off to the 2/4 h/l stud tables and made my Hoy buy-in back and went to bed.

Skillz tonight, Omaha H/L nl? Should be interesting.


heffmike said...

no, compared to most cats out there you were far from an ass last night... I didn't even think twice about any of it, it's all good - anyhow, thanks for stopping by the blog - to note..

1) yes, I call you on the diamonds hand with any AdX hand, and prolly TT up, even though the lower pocket pairs are prolly behind your range. That's what sucked so bad - I really should be calling your raise with almost any hand... but there's nothing Ah5h has 20% equity against. At the very least you have some kind of pair with a diamond. Oh well, I'm sure turn 4h, river 4d if I call.

2)Yeah, you got coolered running into quads, especially because you only put in 4k after the flop until calling the allin... but it's one of those spots were it hurts you more to be wrong than helps you to be right.

Sucks calling an overbet for value like that. Anyhow, GL to you..


Poker Brian said...

Thanks Mike!

Gl to you 2.

SirFWALGMan said...

I have been running into you at the stud tables occasionally. Good luck and fun playing against you. I am sure next to my name is written "Fish