Friday, May 30, 2008

Forward to the weekend

RC was a bust last night, and i leaked more money all over the cash tables at FT so I'll have to reload some loot to play the final Big Game on Sunday. Pokerstars was another story, I watched Waffles own 1/2 Stud Hi, so after I busted out of a $15 75 token frenzy I took a seat at another 1/2 table. A few hours later im up to $130 from $50, and I still have a $50 bonus on the way too. Not bad.

Lost as Hoy put it was kind of a downer. I think its really just because there was no REALLY big cliffhanger last year when we got our first "flash-foward". It was new and different and gave us a look at the future. This episode was juat another one of those neccesities. I personally think Lost are fans are going to dwindle over the final 2 years because a majority of these episodes are going to be filler with few actual blockbuster episodes (Desmond's episode) than in the past. Just remember folks only one more season ending cliffhanger left before the series finale in 2010.

Tonight is a monthly poker game at an AIPS player house. Usually I go with Unimpressed, but because he got back from a biz meeting in WI yesterday, hes opting out for the fam tonight, good call. I'm 2 for 2 in tourneys at this guy's house, plus money from cash games. Any profit from here is going right to full tilt.

Have a good weekend everyone, see you on Monday.