Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mid-day musings

I know I answered it in the comments, but here ya go Riggs.

I was born and raised in Bethlehem, until I was 22 when I moved to Texas for a year, then I came to CT where I ended up. Man its been over 5 years now since I came here.

For all the PA boys: I went to UPITT and majored in Theatre with a minor in Philosophy, that lasted a year until they uh couldnt get me housing and by the time they told me this it was like July so all the apartments were booked solid.

I took a semester off and went to East Stroudsburg University where I majored in Radio Broadcasting (which I loved!) that lasted a semester before I moved to TX.

My favorite bar that I havent been in to in years is Rookies in Allentown, off of Tilghman street. Starting when I was 16 I went there every Tuesday for all you can eat wings and NTN trivia. Still have the best wings I have ever tasted if you get a chance to stop by there, it is owned by Pat Toomey a former PA rep (no idea if he is still in office).

And what Bethlehem is known for most (besides being "The Christmas City") is Musikfest, I havent been there since...'01? I use to volunteer at that thing every year. Nothing like legal public drunkiness!

I stop back now and then to visit my parents, bro, or my sis and my niece.