Monday, May 19, 2008

"Remember Me" - Silk

Another good and profitable weekend. Hit up F-woods Friday night and I sat down at 1-2 NL. In the last 2 weeks I have had the fortune of being seated at a new table that opens up. Both times, the inital table seated was so weak even I had no problem reading exactly what was going on.

2nd hand of the table I pick up Q-Q. Raise to 12 (my standard raise unless its a deep stack table already) and I get 2 callers. Flop is 10 high rainbow. I bet 20. One caller. I just know this dude has A-10. Turn is another low card. I bet 40. Fold. As he mucks he turns to his right and tells the guy he had A-10.

This put me up to start, and that is always good.

After about 1 1/2 hours im up over 100, the table has turned over a few times, some better players sat down and I pick up A-A. Now this is a bad beat story, but I will not whine, just posting it to show the sickness of this suckout.

I raise to 12. Loose Canadian guy who has been telling the table he flys planes, has lost 2k over 4 days, and that money is nothing to him raises to 35. He has bled chips like a sieve, he has less than $100 total so I put him all-in. When I say he didnt even wait for my to finish saying "all-in" before he shoved his money in the pot I would be under-exaggerating, thats how much he didnt care or how good he thought he hand was.

The hands were: Ah-As vs Ad-Jh

Flop: Qh-6h-3h

Villian: Put a heart out there!

Turn 10s

Villan: Come on heart!

River: Kd

Sick, brutal. He was a super dawg on the flop, only 3 outs on the turn and he hit the freaking right color, wrong suit K for the straight. Yes it was a horrible horrible bad beat, but I was still up almost 50 bucks even after this beat so it made it a little more bearable.

The rest of the night I played pretty well. Big hand that I won on was I called with Jh-10h in late position. Flop was a nice K-10-9r, check round.
Q on the turn.
No raises pre-flop so I thought I was good here. Bet out 25. 1 caller. A very loose-aggressive player who I had been chatting with. He looks at me and says, "Man I should have bet that flop." and calls me.
River is an A, no 3 suits. I bet out 50. LA guy raises to 100. I know I got the nuts here and I figure he has a J too so I just call. He yells out "nuts!" as he flips up Kh-10h which puzzles the hell out of me as I flip up my J-10 for Broadway. He immediately realizes he thought there were 3 hearts on the board instead of 2 and a diamond. And I take down a huge pot. I guess the lesson I learned here is, if you know you got the nuts and even if you think you are chopping, bet it all.

All-in-all at the end I ended up another $380, to bring my 2 week total to over $800. Not bad.

Online was a different story as I had a bad day on Saturday at 2/4 Stud 8, but made some of it back on Sunday.

Tonight is da Hoy, Im sitting in 15th place for May so I am still within striking distance of that 2k monthly prize.