Monday, June 2, 2008

Quick Emotional postings ftl

Yeah, it felt cathartic at the time, but now i feel like an ass. I dont see how I could have played the 4(not 3) outer any better, but the J-J I could have re-raised pre-flop and maybe he would have folded.

My FT account is caputs, the account I started for my GF so I can get rakeback has only $25 smackaroos in it, but rakeback says if at anytime my account falls below $25the rakeback is void? So i gotta put another fiddy in there.

Im doing pretty good at PS, I put 50 in, got it up to 140, and I sit at 128 currently. Got pretty far in a Stud 8 freeroll.

Friday night I got trounced from the rebuy tourney when my A-Qhh ran into Q-10o. 10 on the flop. I made my entry back +60 in the cash game, when I took advantage of an inebriated female player. No, not in that way, sickos! Unimpressed in the previous hand OBFV on a hand and she folded muttering she wanted to call. When I hit top 2 on the next hand I figured I could get her to make a stupid call. So when the pot was $8 I pushed all-in for 50+, and like I wanted she called with a flush draw. I ended up taking it down when she missed.

I got home and won my $75 token into the big game, I was so happy I felt like I was a child of destiny to win that seat (not to mention the nice first prize cash)but it was not to be. I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to win.

And TJ: I cant think of a nice, more humbler person to win the overall points, and while you may have gotten a "lucky" (his words) break of the cards, it takes some serious chops to do what you did holmes. Kudos again.