Monday, June 30, 2008

Razz, Prop Bet Win, and new TV

The subject pretty much sums up my weekend. Laid around doing squat all weekend was nice, I feel very relaxed today (could also be because its a short work week).

Played some .50/1 Razz while watching "The Lost World". Was down $10 bucks early to some redonkulous players. A234 in the first 4 only to grab a 9, 2 Js and a K. It was pretty bad for awhile, but those lovely fishies that call with 8, 9 even 10s are gold. Ended up the 3 hour session $7 bucks, but it was hard fought and well earned. Hand of the night was when I got dealt A-3-5 and some dude with a 9 showing is re-raising 3rd. His next board was an 8, then he caught a J and and a 10. Re-raising the whole way. I thought I would be the recipient of all this action when I caught a deuce on 4th, A-2-3-5 but I bricked out and the 8 to my left took it down. A $25 pot. What did the donk show down? Trip 8s and an OESD to the Aint stud dipsmit!

The lovely wonderful gf of mine continued to furnish our new house on Sat and Sun, getting some great deals on dishes and all that other stuff we need. Hands down the best thing we bought, was yesterday she got a Samsung 52" LCD 120 MHZ TV for a steal price of $2245 instead of the normal $3100. SA-WEET.

And of course the most important thing happened early Sun morning as Ivey was eliminated from the 50k HORSE and Greenstein still in, sealed my $10 victory over Unimpressed in our prop bet. Grats to Scotty for taken that mutha down.

Thats about it, I forsee a lot more Razz in my future, and a Mookie, but thats pretty much it. Civilization Revolutions comes out next Tuesday and I'm pretty stoked for that, Phillies have something like a 9 game losing streak since Cole said the PHI vs BOS matchup was a WS preview (lesson learned, shut ya face even if we know it to be true!)