Thursday, June 26, 2008

Razz Tilt & Shawn Chacon does something every Philly fan wanted to do

So last night was the MSOP #45, Razz, event. I started off playing some .50/1 razz to get me in the right frame of mind and I ended up dropping 15 bucks. No biggy.
The event starts and Im doing awesome. I employed the simple strategy of "bet when im ahead, fold when im behind" simple enough. By the break in the first hour i was up to 13th out of 529 with 5300 chips (starting was 3k). Then IT happened. I usually leave chat off in these tourneys because you always get the wise-guys or the whiners typing junk in there, well i left it on and had one guy ribbin me through the tourney after i sucked out a 4 on his 8-6 for a wheel. Nothing big just the standard olololol.

The hand in particular I have [A-3]-7 showing, guy to my right completes with a 6 showing, i call. I brick a Q on 4th, and he nets a 3. He bets and I decide to call thinking he may have paired 1 of those cards. Next card I pick up a 9, he picks up a K. In keeping with my strategy, of bet when ahead, I throw out a bet out there. He goes into the tank, and starts saying in the chat: "You are either really good at this game or you have no idea how to play. The only way you could bet there is if you know I paired my 6" The lol guy, says im an idiot and they both discuss hwo ill make the final table with my crappy play. Chat off, but the damage was done. I brought up razz guides as the tourney is going on to figure out how to improve my play. Pretty much Razz is a game that "is what it is", If i have 3 cards 8 or lower i should at least call to 4th when theres no heavy betting action, if i have 3 less than 5 raise and re-raise. Pretty much I was doing this already.
Back to the tourney, I went card dead and semi-tilt. Folding a lot, bringing-in A LOT. I estimate i lost at least 1/4 my stack from just bring-ins alone.

By the time i got a playable hand, A-6-4 no less, I had 2k chips and it folded to me with the bring-in on my left. I completed figuring i was just going to pick up the bring-in and antes since he is showing a J and im showing my 4. Nope. He raises. I guess he thought I was stealing, so i popped him back and he capped. He graps a 9, and I grab an 8. I bet, he raises, he re, i cap and hes all-in. I have 1k behind. Well wouldnt you know along with his J-9 he has 2-5 under. Lets just say thanks to 2 pair and and a K i did not win this hand. So I have 1k and im really on tilt now. 2 hands later im the bring-in for the elventy billionth time and i Have a K showing with A-4 under. 2 to my right guy with a 5 completes. I do my best aw-fukkit like the bring-in did to me and I get it all in. He bricks 4th and 5th, while I make an 8 by 6th, the A he grabs on 7th sends me to the rail.

So what more intelligent thing to do then when your tilting join a 26 buck HORSE tourney. So thats what I did and I got my ass handed to me.

Bankroll down to $104. A few beers and a few missions of Ace Combat logged, I wander off into slumber.

On the way to work this morning, I hear about this from ESPN radio:

Astros pitcher Shawn Chacon was suspended indefinitely by the team Wednesday for insubordination after reportedly grabbing general manager Ed Wade by the neck and throwing him to the ground.

The thing I wonder is why Placido Polanco or Scott Rolen do this while he was still the Phillies GM. Best quote from ESPN's chat board: "Everyone in Philadelphia is now a Shawn Chacon fan."

Indeed. My horses are still running goot in the HORSE, after some bad info from pokernews and even ToP himself, Joe's stud Patrick Antonius IS running in the event.