Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tombstone: One of the greatest movies ever?

Donked out of the Hoy last night, ran real good for the first 30-40 minutes and puked the rest of the way.

Surflexus had been bugging my BB for a number of orbits, 2 orbits previous to my exit he showed 10-10, then nothing. So I figured this time I'd take a stand when I got As-2s. I pushed, he took a but then called. He has 9-9.

The board went like this: 6-7-8-9-A Standard! Wheres that A-10 I like to push with so much?

So the only thing I could mutter before I was bounced was "gay", it wasnt anything against Surf because he played me well, but the past 2 nights have just been horrible for me poker-wise.

The reason for my loading post last night was because of this: I got my rakeback confrim for Alissa's account but it stated I need to have at least 25 bucks in there for 60 days or the rakeback thing is null and void. So I went to Stop N Shop (not all SNS are the same btw!) and i got that $100 silver Visa gift card. FT wouldnt accept it, BUT they did say to use some thing called "Intacard" basically its a pre-paid phone thing that uses Visa and that FT said would allow me to deposit money into them.

I get that accoutn setup, use the gift card to put money in but they charge me all sorts of fees so out of the $100 card I can only really put 50 in there. I get the 50 in there, go back to FT to deposit, almost immediately I get an email from Intacard saying my account was suspended due to illegal activities (wtf?) so I put in a complaint with them. In the meantime I needed to load some cash to play in the Hoy, back out I go to my local Big Y (after an unsuccessful stop at CVS)to grab 2 of the cards that I know do work.

So I get home with those 2 cards, attempt to load them into her account and they get declined by FT (WTF DUDE???) So in the end I loaded them into PokerBrian and transferred them over to her account... 2 hours later... SO to save everyone time and money, please make sure the Visa cards say All-Access. The End.

I caught Tombstone over the weekend again, I love that movie. Just a great movie, excpet now everyone uses the "Huckleberry" line, even saw some dude at the stud tables named "IlBURHKBRY"

Im debating taking a break from online poker for a week or so, I love playing but im just getting hammered by the dumbest crap, most likely ill get home and play some more tonight...