Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mo Sun's New Poker Room

Mohegan Sun finally re-opened their poker room. I still recall quite vividly the letter I received in the mail dated 09/03/03 describing that they were closing their poker room down due to lack of buisness (what a croc).
I found out later on from a dealer at foxwoods that the "real" reason they shut down was that there were illicit activities going on behind the scenes of the poker room mitigated by the over-seerer himself. But due to a clause in his contract they could not fire him? So instead they shut the room down until such a time when said contract was expired.
So almost 5 years later to the day, the new Casino of the Wind is hosting the Poker Room, and I was there to test it out Sunday night @ 9:30pm and played until 6:30am Monday. We played 1/2 NL.

Wow was the play horrible. First hand after I sit I get dealt J-J in the cutoff. Dude to my right raises to 7, I reraise to 21. BB raises to 50. OR folds. I tank, BB is goading me into pushing all-in. I just call. Flop has a K but not much else. BB bets his remaing 40. Its 40 for me to call into a pot of 140. He keeps trying to get me to call and pay him off. Hes a little drunk but I thought I probably had him. I call and show the Js, he flips up 9s. I win. Not a bad start.
My bud Joe was doing even better than me, the card gods blessed him with sets everytime he had a pair, and people obliged by throwing money at him everytime.

I got pokerstared (or fulltilted) after i limped on the button with 5-6ss. Flop is 2s-3h-4s. I call a 15 bet.
Turn is a 3. Guy bets 70, I jam for his last 80. He shows down 3-4.

I pay him back later when I slowplay my set of 5s and make a bet he cant fold to on the river.

Biggest hand of the night for me was this one:

Moved to a new table, I find 10-10 I have no reads on anyone. I raise in MP to 12. Button raises to 40, SB thinks for a bit then calls. (By the way, Button is doing a Phil Laak getup, and the SB ironically looks exactly like Todd Brunson, I shit you not)I call.

Flop is 6-3-5 two clubs.

Todd checks, I check, Phil bets 70. Todd thinks for a bit and grudingly folds. I think for a bit and decide to go big or go home. I raise to 210 and he insta-mucks. Smelled like a lower pair to me.

All-in-all after a nearly 200 buck deficit, I leave up 275. My buddy also had a nice profit even though he game a good portion of his early winnings back.

Some other tidbits:

All the dealers are new and were making tons of mistakes, most forgivable.
I was in a hand were I raised to 15 on the button with A-K. BB raised to 50, all the limpers folded and it folded around to me. I tanked for a grand 5 seconds, the dealer brought the chips to the center, pushed them to the 50 raiser and mucked the deck, all while I still had cards and was thinking. Floor was called and they ineptly were trying to reconstruct the hand. (Took 5 trys for them to figure out it was pre-flop, not on the flop). Finally things got sorted out and I ended up folding.

Rules that differ from F-woods:
No time charged, just rake. ($4 max at 1-2 NL)
No buying the button
No straddling
No "closest to the button rule" If there is a chop the players kicker in the hand (even if its not technically played) determines the extra chip. If the hands are identical (K-8 vs K- suit will determine the extra chip.

Dealer assured us they would have a rules board posted in the room by Tuesday. Also apparently tourneys (didnt elaborate) would start Tuesday.

trying to think of anything else... ask away if you have any questions.