Monday, October 27, 2008

Patti LaFail

Wow, 2008 should be remembered as the year of people messing up the National Anthem horribly.

September 2008: "Pop Sensation" girl at the Cowboys/Eagles game (in Dallas) results in what amounts to the 3rd worst all time singing of the National Anthem by anyone ever...It has been suggested that the booing directly following the Anthem's blessed end was not because the Eagles were running out on to the field, but rather this girl (very cute btw) made us actually hate the most revered song in our nation.

Last Night:
Patti LaBelle was chosen to sing the National Anthem for the start of Game 4 of the World Series. What actually happened was some music played, and Patti bellowed something. Most of the words were not correct I heard "blight and flight" and a few extra free's were thrown in. Apparently, in old age, pitch has escaped her grasp....along with any semblance of hitting the right notes.

Hoy has a great article detailing all the umpire miscues in the World Series thus far, and I sincerely hope MLB considers making replay a little wider for close plays. Maybe really questionable first base calls (see Game 3, Moyer toss), I just dont see how an umpire, a normal human being like you and me, is expected to make calls based on super-human hearing or "x-ray" vision as was the case with Moyer.

The reason it hasnt been expanded is the fear that "the game will take longer", easy solution stop letting Nomar, Jeter, Papi, etc etc take 15 minutes in-between pitches! Is there really a need to adjust your helmet/gloves/shoes after EVERY pitch?

Anyway, game clincher tonight, and although I picked the Phils in 6 I think tonight is it. Final score 3-1. Philly returns to the top!


Riggstad said...

Patty totally ruined that song.
I think she tried her best to "jazz" it up, but she turned it into a total train wreck.

Its snowing and raining here today so who knows what happens tonight