Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still smiling, a little bit sentimental, and a little emotional.

Wow, what a game. Its still hard to fathom the Phillies are the 08 champs, it feels like i slipped into an alternate universe or something!

I have to admit, there were no tears last night obv, but this morning listening to the Jon Miller call of the final out did bring a twitch and maybe a drop to the eyes. 28 years since the last one, I was only friggin 7 months old and living in an apartment that I don't remember the last time Phillies Phans were this happy.
Heck the last time the Phils were in the series I was still Trick or Treating!

So congrats to the Phils, the well-deserving phans, and the city. All of which needed this championship.

Things I think I thought if I could think that I thought that I think of them:

Stuff that I've heard in the last 2 days that is bugging me about this World Series.

1) The Rays were a magical team, they just ran into the Phillies, sorry kids try again next year and we'll say you are legit. But heres the thing that is bothering me: All the talking heads (minus Kruk and Steve Phillips) picked the Rays to win. I heard reasons ranging from "they have youth and expierience (an oxymoron), a team of destiny (i dont disagree with that considering their run) and they have an unbeatable team (wrong). Thats fine really, I like when the team I root for is the dog when clearly its not that way, the Rays were the media darlings and now that they got beat handidly the media is making excuses for them. Buster Olney alluded to the Rays being victims of circumstance. (read Weather, suspended game) Not of course that got beat by a better prepared, more expierienced team. Which leads me to my next point....

2) Can't say I didnt call this one because I did. The snowball is rolling down the hill now regarding playing the World Series at a neutral indoor/warm weather site. They want to turn the World Series into a "Superbowl" complete with award announcements, HoF announcements, and a party-like atmosphere. Complaints for are "baseball wasn't meant to be played in 30 degree, rainy, or snowy climates". Im sure a lot of people agree with that sentiment, but I dont. The problem is, baseball has always been a weeny sport. Football plays in everything short of natural disasters and lightning, baseball folds at the sight of a drop of rain. By Bud Selig not calling the game before the monsoon really started whipping up, he has brought forth this fear that EVERY world is fraught with weather peril. Funny how it took 105 years for the first suspended game due to rain to occur...

3) This one really ticked me off. On Mike and Mike this morning, Greenburg said the following statement "We know the Phillies aren't the best team in baseball, but they did what they had to, to win."

Wait, what?

While I wil ladmit, the series would have been tougher had we faced the Red Sox (a team with talent and more WS expierience) the best teams win. If the Cubs were the best, how'd they get swept, let me say it again S-W-E-P-T by the Dodgers, a team the Phillies just happened to beat 4-1. The Angels were the winningest team in baseball this year, and they couldn't get past the Sox in the first round!! So apparently the Phillies just lucked out and got hot at the right time, but they never deserved it. What an assinine comment.

/end rant

Grats Phillies!