Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whats different between today's youth and 1990's youth

Im gonna post this from a local news column:

Squirt-Gun Game Leads To Hospitalizations
Teen Tradition Turning Dangerous, Police Say

WETHERSFIELD, Conn.- -- A game popular with teens across the country has led to several crashes in suburban Hartford in the past several days, police said.

The objective of "Squirt-Gun Assassin" is to shoot an intended target with a water gun -- the last man standing wins a prize.

Police said in the past several days, several Connecticut teens have played the game while driving, leading to three crashes.

Wethersfield High School junior Janelly Gonzalez told Eyewitness News that the game has become a tradition at the school.

"They keep knocking people out and the last man standing wins the game," she said. "They were playing Assassin, it got really serious. There were squirt guns and a truck drove into someone's house and they ended up in the hospital."

Wethersfield Police Chief James Cetran said that in all, three crashes have been associated with the game. He said his department has responded to half-a-dozen calls this week because of Assasin, and in one case a teen was attempting to get away from his water gun attacker.

"They cut in front of a poor unsuspecting motorist and two people were taken to the hospital, including a student. At least one of those accidents they drove in front of a poor unsuspecting woman and two people were taken to the hospital, including the woman," he said.

Cetran said that in another case, students engaged in an argument with a homeowner.

"The homeowner didn't know what they were doing hiding in their bushes, so they were concerned," Cetran said.

Wethersfield students were warned of the dangers of the game at an assembly Wednesday.

WTF is wrong with kids today? (And yes im sure every generation says this about the next) As a pre-teen/teen we had stuff like this. Manhunt, in particular. I can remember dressing up in dark clothes with my fellow buddies and climbing trees/garages, hiding in bushes, and running through old peoples yards.
Somehow I dont recall ever smashing trucks into houses or causing car accidents. Though police being called by the 70 something in the neighborhood was not uncommon.

I also remember participating in something dubbed "Operation Nightwatch" where we protected our high school over night the day before our game against the rival city high school. This involved tomatoes, squirt guns, etc. Again no auto accidents came about because of this. Although somehow "Freedom Sucks" was painted about Freedom High School's name...

My point is, being a disorderly is a philosophical neccesity for youth, I get it. But this is just taking "fun" to the extremem....