Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Had a pretty good holiday weekend. My family (minus my mom) came to Turkey Day dinner and that was fairly good. They only stayed for a few hours but it was nice to see everyone again, specially my little niece, she is hilarious! (shes 1)

Friday I came into work for an hour to make sure everyone was here and logged in, finished up some work and took off. Ended up going shopping on Black Friday (something I have not done in a few years)and ended up with a few good deals at Target.

Friday afternoon Blazman texted me asking if I wanted to head down to Mo Sun. Initially I said no, but the GF talked me into going Friday instead of Saturday, thus I did not argue and went on my merry way.

Get there about 5:30 and its packed. Come to find out Neil Young is playing, thus the crowd.
Signed up for 5-10 limit, 4-8 O8, and 3-6 limit. 3-6 Limit wins, and I got seated. In a word the table was "horrible". One older lady just had no clue but her lucksackery saved her. On a Flop of Q-4-4 the lady called. Turn was a 7. She calls. River is a 3. Bet, she raises. Bettor calls. She flips up 3-3 for the river boat... I got involved in 1 hand with her where my A-Q was outflopped by her A-5, she smacked 2 pair.
Soon after I was called for 4-8 O8 and i took it. Blaz moved over with me. First hand im the BB, flop comes 3-5-6 and I flop the nut straight. I bet aggressivley and after all is said and done I take down the high, another takes the low and we split some 3rd guys horrible 2 pair with horrible low.

I remember winning 2 hands, and after that the rest of the night is a blur (Thanks Red Deaths!) ended up after 8 hours only 2 bucks up, so i then proceeded to lose $200 at the craps table.

Not much else happened. Poker online has been a bust, down $60 since Saturday night.

Wow i always have great ideas when I start writing a blog post, but by the endI just fade. ADD is rigged!