Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Online Poker Reaches the Regular Season

BBT4 starts Sunday which will be the cap on a full poker weekend for me.

Saturday night is an Ante Up Podcast game at JLBSox's house with one of the hosts of the Ante Up podcast Chris Cosenza. Have a "score" to settle as he knocked me out of the last meeting with his nut flush draw vs Q-Q. Should be a good game!

Sunday night starts a poker league Unimpressed got me into. 16 weeks of grueling pokerness.

Cool thing happened to me last Saturday night as I was out eating at a new restaurant that opened up by my house.
We were about to leave and I had my KC Chiefs jacket on when I felt a tap on my shoulder. A woman asks me "Whats a KC fan doing in New England?" I thought it was on like Donkey Kong,so I gave her the short version about me being born and raised in PA and me following Joe Montana as a kid and she says "oh yeah Joe Montana was one of my brother's clients."
Intrigued I asked her who her bro was and it turns out its nothing other than super agent Tom Condon! We chatted about "Tommy" as she referred to him and we talked about the KC area in general and asking if I had been out there and such.

It was just kinda cool, stuff like that doesnt happen often to me.


Riggstad said...

Tommy Condon!

Heffmike said...

strange your new design doesn't render all the way in Firefox, gotta load it in IE to read anything :-(

1Queens Up1 said...

I will have to ask my super-awesome significant other who is better than me at HTML why that is.....

Thanks for the heads up.