Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dealing with steal attempts from the SB, Button or CO

In the blink of an eye I went from almost out to chip leader to middle of the pack.

After losing half my chips to Miami Don when he snagged a boat, the next time my BB came around I knew he was gonna do the same thing.

Picked up A-Q and bumped his raise, he pushed and I call. He flipped up A-J and I crippled him, next hand he pushed and I had AA to bust him.

A few hands later as chip leader im in the BB with A-J. JoeSpeaker pushes all-in for 5k from the SB. I'm pretty sure this is a blatant steal attempt so I call and I was right, he had 8-3o. However he did catch a 3 to double up through me.

This seems to be where I struggle, Im pretty sure I had the right read and then I lose the race and I second guess myself. I win there and I have a huge chip lead.

Any suggestions on what to read about Blinds play?