Sunday, March 29, 2009

Final Table the Brit Blogger, come away empty again

Its pretty sick how horrible I race at the final table.
A-9 vs Q7
A-Q vs 10-10
10-10 vs A-K
A-K vs 9-9
A-Q vs 9-9
K-7 vs K-J <--- All in on flop after k hit
K-K vs A-Q

Only 1 time there am i in a position where im dominated, and yet every single time i lost. I dont want to sound like im whining as its more frustration then anything else.

Good news is I hit the points where the rest of the top 5 did not point up. The suspense will be did I get the 51.2 points to pass Will125?

2 More tourneys to go....


lightning36 said...

Looks like you are in the drivers seat for the monthly leadership. I will be sure to rape your blinds given the chance tonight and tomorrow.

Take it down!

AlCantHang said...

Points updated. You are just short.