Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April POTM and WSOP plans

I can say with about 99% certainty that TJ probably locked up the April POTM $2k package. Congrats TJ, awesome April!

I have finally got the go-ahead to head out to Vegas to play in event #51:

Event #51 Sat 06/27/09
$1500 NLHE

I will be out there from 06/25/09 to 07/01/09 and am looking at staying at Imperial Palace. Good luck to all those going and playing in any of the events.

Air Itinerary
Trip Date Day Stops Routing Flight Routing Details
Depart Jun 25 Thu Nonstop BDL-LAS 1068 Depart Hartford (BDL) at 12:30 PM
Arrive in Las Vegas (LAS) at 3:05 PM

Return Jul 01 Wed Nonstop LAS-BDL 3333 Depart Las Vegas (LAS) at 1:05 PM
Arrive in Hartford (BDL) at 9:15 PM

Might I make a suggestion? Please go over to Al's blog and thank him for all the hard work hes done with the BBT, is the least we can do for all the great prizes hes secured for us poker donkeys.