Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bloody Brit

If only that title meant I stabbed some a-hole Brit to death, but alas it does not. In what amounted to a light jog, I was out in 30 minutes.

Hands like me pushing 10s all in against As and flopping a 10. That was the highlight, dominated by lowlights. !

Sidenote: Is it just the participants in the BBT who don't believe raises anymore? Do I have a LAGGY image where I raise ATC from any position? Should ever raise be all-in? Make your opponents make mistakes by calling all-in with crap?

Between Chippy on my left and Joanne on my right, im stuck between a rock and a hard place. So when lightning pushes his 1k stack from the button I decide to flip for it with my pocket 9s. I survive the flop but running Aces from the good folks at FTP make sure my day ends in absolute horrible fashion.

Also noticed TJ with a top 3 chip stack, can I borrow a little luck big guy?

Only a few more weeks....


lightning36 said...

He he -- A-A was the hand of death yesterday. The Brit Blogger has now become the joke of the blogger tournaments. Iguess it must be the $5 entry fee.