Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Famine For Me Whilst Heff Feasts

I had a post all typed up saying how it figures I missed the points once again, but then I go ahead and get my biggest pocket pair (J-J) of the night when LJ raises my BB with A-10. I somehow survive and get 4k chips, just enough to stick around one orbit to get in the points field.

I feel really good about how I didnt get any pps higher than J-J, 10-10, or 9-9 once a piece and NO A-K at all. A 10th place finish with that glutton of cards is a miracle. Big hand was when I flopped a pair of Js vs Heff and when I got Heff in he obv had K-K as a shorty.

Final hand was A-5cc in the BB and Cem calls with A-10o in MP and the flop is all diamonds of which he had the 10d, which he didnt need as a 10h came on the turn.

Mookie action tomorrow.


Need help transferring funds from PS to my FT account, please shoot me an email or yahoo message if you can help out! Thanks!!!


PokahDave said...

Recess says that he will do that...right? Sorry about the trouble...I wouldn't have asked if I knew you didn't want the Stars funds!

BWoP said...

I saw your comps Q on TJ's blog. For the most part each casino / casino conglomerate has a player's card. You swipe in when you start playing and swipe out when you leave (at some places with automated player tracking systems, you only have to swipe in at the table, and they will automatically clock you out when you leave). Most places give you $1 / hour for $1/$2 NLHE, higher as you move up in limits. Redeeming your comp dollars varies by casino. At Harrahs properties, you just need to show your player's card at an approved location (e.g., you won't be able to use comp dollars at the fancy outsourced restaurants, but you can use them in the gift shop to buy anything you want). At Venetian, you go to the back desk and ask them to write a voucher for you for an approved food location.

Places that don't do it that way: Amazon Room at the Rio (no comps), Bellagio (unknown and seemingly arbitrary comp system) and Mirage (I think it's based on number of days played, not hours).

And my favorite . . . at the Venetian, you can use your comp dollars for table-side massages!

If you have any questions, ask the brush.

Or you can email me with Qs.

lightning36 said...

I hope to break my downward spiral tonight.

Uh ... don't put your house payment on that prop, though ...