Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mish-Mosh Part II

First things first let me clarify my position on a previous statement I made. Hoy makes a point regarding my usage of the word "unimpressed" when talking about my experience with Vegas, so I intend to clarify my position.

First the backtrack: He does make a point that maybe "unimpressed" was the wrong word, but I only went there with one goal: playing poker. So I played lots of poker, there just wasn't any desire to do any actually exploring, although I'm sure there are loads of good stuff to see that I missed.

Im not really a nympho so that side of Vegas didnt appeal to me.
The only show I would have wanted to see was Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine but ironically he was in Boston when I was in Vegas. So the only thing left was gambling, and to be frank I can drive 45 mins anytime I want and be in Mohegan's poker Room. While keeping in mind I didn't see the Bellagio or Mirage poker rooms, only the Venetian really could compare to Foxwoods poker room, and without knowing the exact table number I think Foxwoods was still slightly bigger.

Was it really neat to see places I've only read about or seen on the TV? Absolutely. Ask TJ or SmBoatDrinks I was a total fanboy when it came to actually stepping inside the Rio and the Amazon room. I was in awe of the place more so than the millionaire poker players I've come to admire, respect, or despise. Although I did take a lot of pics of them, mostly Harmon because Liss is a huge Harmon fan. I loved the WSOP, which is why I said if I came back it would only be to play in another WSOP event. But my feelings were that if you moved the WSOP to Foxwoods, I'd still love it just as much. No offense to the Rio, Vegas or whatever.

So anyway thats what I really meant, maybe it was more correct to say I was unimpressed with the gambling since thats only what I did/wanted to do. If I go back for a second glimpse my perception could change, but until such time if I had to grade it I would leave the expierience as "incomplete".


I, for one, am glad they traded for Lee instead of Halladay. This Lee trade was perfect for the Phils, we pick up a reigning AL Cy-Young award wining player who is still in the midst of a decent season and an extra bat for the bench where the Phils are hurting the most. And what did we give up? 4 prospects that do not include Drabek or the top outfield prospect. Big props to Reuben Amaro, Phils GM.


KC camp opens on Friday and boy am I friggin ready to give up all free-time on Sundays. Im excited for my team and I think 6-10 is a realistic goal with the slight chance we go 9-7.


As I was getting my ass kicked live in Vegas, I also managed to drop $250 at 2/4 limit on Full Tilt in one night (more like 4-5 hours). My head is still is in shambles and I find myself struggling in live NL since I've been back in CT. Ive stuck to 1/2 S8 and HORSE online and im down about 30 bucks since 07/03/09. So im not doing well and going through this funk.

Thats pretty much it, I'll post more when I can think of stuff to say.

Thanks for reading.


lightning36 said...

I've been going to Las Vegas for so many years that it is almost like a second home to me. Of course, my experiences there are usually of a legal nature, so I am sure that I perceive Sin City much differently than many.

BWoP said...

My perspective on Las Vegas is completely skewed by the fact that I live here. The big draw for me was the poker action, so I generally don't partake in all of the other *stuff* that goes on around here.

I've played at Foxwoods and in various Atlantic City destinations. I'm still of the mindset that nothing compares to the poker action in Las Vegas during the peak seasons. (Caveat: I have very limited experience playing in the LA card rooms.)

But beyond poker, I can understand the lack of *ooooh wow* about the town. I see it every day.

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