Saturday, March 13, 2010

Poker Calendar

Been slacking again, so its time for an update.

Last Friday (03/05/10) made a trip to the Sun poker room again. I took half a day off and wanted to get there by 3ish with Unimpressed showing up around 6.

The table I sat at just happened to have a lot of people who looked like a celebrity of some sort. There was the Carl Weathers look-a-like, who I almost asked if he gets the "You look like Chubbs a lot" (Apollo Creed for you older folks). Then there was the guy I call WWS, White Warren Sapp, the dude was a spitting image of what Wareen Sapp would like if he was white. And finally, the guy I refer to as my nemesis, looked like a skinnier Ron Artest.

As for the play, I bought in short to start off and promptly stacked off to an Asian guy in seat 6 who was on a heater, no matter what cards he held he ended up having the winner.
I had 5-6o, he had 5-7o and the river 6 gave him the nuts. Re-bought in short again.
A few hands later I pick up QQ, raise to the standard 12, get a few callers. Flop comes Q-Xc-Xc, throw out a 30 spot and get the Asian Heater to call. Turn is the 3rd club and he bets out 35. Im looking at my stack and have approx 50 and I could fold here because Im certain he has the flush, but I decent to just push the last 50 in there and he insta calls with 10-9cc. River doesnt help and within 30 mins Im down 200.

I eventually make that 200 back and then some, and Joe showed up. This is also about the time WWS and his 2 friends sit down at the table. So at this point the table consists of Joe and myself, WWS and 2 friends, 2 Asian brothers, and 3 singles.

This is about the time I started tanking again because I made some real idiotic plays. I lost track of what was happening on a hand when on the turn I had an OESFD and when a Qc clubs came out on the River I bet out not putting my opponent on a flush, which technically was correct, except I somehow missed the 2 Queens dealt on the flop...he had a boat and I looked like an idiot.
Next bonehead play I have A-10dd. Joe, who is on my left, raises to 15. The Ron Artest guy (Nemesis)calls and I call. Flop comes Kd-Jd-X.
This is where my mind leaves me again. I call Joe, but at this point I forget Nemesis is in the hand. Turn is a blank and I bet out. Joe calls, and again Nemesis must have called but at this point Im 100% oblivious to him being in the hand.
River is another blank and I bet out 25. Joe folds and at this point I think the hand is over and I flip my cards up to show Joe how I almost had that Royal and the High hand, however, Nemesis who had been making decisions at a grass growing pace still had his cards. And while Joe and I differ on if he actually saw my flipped cards he called my 25 with A-Q and took down the pot with his Q kicker.

So after that, down 190, I was done. Said my goodbyes to Joe and headed out into Wind to meet up with Liss and her fam. Since we were sorta celebrating Liss' bday and she was upset that she was down 100 from her favorite penny machines, I obliged her and we went to the roulette table.
The way I play roulette is I bet 8,11,21,22 (Liss, her dad, her mom, and my bdays) and through out some various random bets. Long story short, Liss' number came up 5 times (including a 3 out 4 spins stretch), her dad's came up twice, her mom's came up twice (including a lucky hit on a time when i bumped up the amount on 21 because it had not come in) and my number came in once. I ended the night up 300 from roulette, and actually 100 up for the day.
The 100 I was up I gave to her because I felt bad she was sad on her bday weekend about losing.

So all in all, a good day. Got to play with Joe in a casino setting again.

Upcoming visits: I have 3/19, 3/22, and 3/23 off from my big 3-0 bday. My plan right now is to be at Foxwoods/Mohegan on 03/19 and possible either do the 600 NL or 400 limit FPC tourneys.

Tonight is my monthly game but I dont expect a large turnout.

- KC Chiefs moves so far: Thomas Jones, Casey Wiegman, Chris Chambers. I like all those moves.
- Final Fantasy XIII looks gorgeous, however the play thus far (5 hours in) is a little disappointing
- Congrats to Lehigh University for their NCAA birth, 4th in school history


lightning36 said...

Good luck in the tournaments.

PokahDave said...

Wish I could join you at foxwoods and the Mo know. Happy upcoming 30th as well...

Schaubs said...

Have a great BDay weekend dude.