Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BBT5 Take 2 - The BuddyMookieDank

Lasted longer than the first time around. Chip count high was 4200. Actually got a mix of decent hands and outstanding flops, just could not get any action on strong hands and got loads of action on my weaker ones.

Ended up pushing 4-4 on a 6-3-2 flop and top 5 stack thought and called jam with 10-6hh. GG me.

Did get some good news, Al setup me to be entered into Sunday Invitiaional. My bankroll thanks him very much! Need to start cashing in these things...dont have 3 months like last time...


lightning36 said...

You've lost that mojo you had going in BBT4? Geez -- we might actually have a chance to win this time.