Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Finally crack the money board

It took 5 BBT events (4 played) but I finally cracked the money board with a 14th place finish last night in the Poker From the Rail series.

Got in good position when IT jammed the turn on me after I flopped the nuts and somehow I faded quads and a paired board to double up.
Little later on in a weird hand, I held Qs-Jx on a As-Ks-10s-X-10 board. Vinnay checked the river and I bet pot approx 1800. Vinnay, then shoved for another 2k more to put me at my tourney life. I replayed the hand in my head and the action didn't make sense to me, so praying I didnt just run into a boat I called and he showed ducks.

I chipped up to a high point of about 18k and everything else was downhill from there, costliest mistake was raising 10-10 from EP, shorty pushes in on me (which i was hoping for) and then another shorty Astin pushed over the top of him. I figured Astin's range was still pretty wide here as he only had about 5k in chips, and I had in the neighborhood of 12-13k. So I called, shorty flips up 9-9, Astin has K-K and flops a set.

The rest of the time was spent scratching for the money bubble which I eventuall hit and was ousted when my A-9 couldnt catch against Hoy's J-J.

"We Can Build On This!" - Herm Edwards


Schaubs said...

Money leaderboard?

you are just keeping track on your own?

donnie said...

14th place is a nice finish in the series, im sure there were some very serious players in there. good quote.