Friday, March 11, 2011

The Honey Badger Doesn't Give A Shit

Long time since I last posted and sooo much has happened.

First, work:
- In January I was flown out to Minot, ND on a business trip. Got to meet with my boss for the first time face to face in a 1 on 1. Long story short, I was told HR and her had come to the conclusion no change was necessary and she said "Whatever was dangled in front of you for the past 3 years (promotion) was incorrect. I just want to say I'm sorry and I hope you don't leave".

- Fast forward to this past Tuesday, we finally have my year end review to go over my rating and financials. For the first time since my first year at the company (2004) I get rated a "3 - Meets Expectations". I was shocked, in my 7 years I've received 4 "2 - Exceeds Expectations" ratings, 1 - "1 - Outstanding" rating, and now my second '3". I was livid. There was only one negative mention in my review, and everything else was glowing. This is from someone who was my superior for the last two months of the year and admittedly had no idea what she was doing. She asked me my thoughts because I sounded a little disappointed and I, respectfully, vomited of the moth. I told her that I am very disappointed in the 3 rating and I had not expected that at all. I explained that in the first 3 months of 2011 I have not only been told that I was not receiving a promotion, and that it was all a lie in first place, but now I am 'being told that I have only performed up to expectations when I am busting my rear off. Her counter to me was "think about me, I had to walk into this job to give you the no promotion news, and you are a very high 3". Now she is the victim, and I should feel ok because the 3 I was given was a "high" 3, which in the grand scheme of things doesn't differentiate between a high or low, its just a 3. I ended our hour long meeting 30 minutes early, because I had nothing left to say.

- The first thing I did after I was done was call HR. I had been debating doing this since the January 1 on 1 but held off because at the end of that meeting she said "Cheryl (her boss) and I will take care of you." I'm not unreasonable, she said that and I believed they would make up for the lack of promotion at year end review time. When I received what I got, I knew that this was my only option.

- I talked to HR, gave a brief outline of the issue and told her that I had a dated timeline of events if that would make it easier, she asked me to type it up and email to her. After I laid out the issue she asked the big question "What do you want as a resolution to this?" I replied that for 3 years i was under an assumption by my management that my dual-role was only temporary and I would be given the correct job title and pay. Instead I was told that nothing was changing and that I had been doing this 'higher" role for 3 years. If that's true and that's the final answer I would like to be compensated for my incorrect bonus (they were paying me @ 5% bonus instead of 7% that I should have gotten for "doing the job") and that because they refuse to put me in the the correct job code my % to market point is such that if I stay in this position my increases will become less and less as I hit and exceed the market point.
The lady said she would look into and did see the notation from the Minot HR rep that they are aware of my situation. She would contact me back when she received information. She has not contacted me yet.
Please believe that calling HR was the last thing I wanted to do, I'm not a trouble maker by any means but I think you just get to a point sometimes where you are backed into a corner and I exhausted my conversations with my boss so that it was truly the only choice I had left. Well that or leave the company...

So that's where that is. I don't expect much from HR, so my future options look like I may need to speak with a Director for the Retirement Services department here and see if he can keep me in mind when a position opens up, or I'll have to do some hard time job interviewing with another company. There is a third option where I stay and be the best "Meets Expectations" supervisor I can be, but this is undesirable due to no development or growth opportunities.
One final thought, I keep replaying her last words to me from the meeting "You're doing a great job and I am very fortunate to have you there in Windsor leading the team." Its a slap in the face after you've just been told that basically you do nothing special...


- Haven't played too much except for the monthly home games. I have been turning a profit, last month being the highest in recent memory with +$190. Have another home game coming up this Saturday actually.

- March 22nd 2010, my bday last year, is still the last time I played live poker in the casino. I'm back to that "is it fear or do you just not want to play?" thing again. It must be at least a tiny bit of fear since the last time I got up from a table I was -$700 after an hour... Ive been spending my time when I go playing PaiGow or Blackjack. For the year so far I'm -$50 with about 20+ hours of playing time.

-BBT6! Al posted a tweet earlier this week hinting at a 6th installation of every one's favorite online poker blogger series. I don't have anything on Full Tilt right now, but the official announcement may make me change my tune. Also might get me blogging a little more frequently.

Despite my very frustrating work troubles, I am in good spirits. My significant other finally got the raise she deserved and fought for over the last year. Right now, money is not an issue for our family which is good, its the first time in probably 3 years we can say that.

Hopefully see you on the real or virtual tables soon!

P.S. If you want to laugh pretty hard check out the youtube video that the title of the post is paying homage to:


Matt said...

Best of luck dude. My HR opinion on this issue is this: start looking for a better company to work for. If you really have an interest in staying with the company, perhaps you use an offer from another company as leverage to get what you want, but the bottom line is that you're discouraged & disengaged and not really seeing how that's going to change in the near future. If they can't see that they're slowly forcing out an employee that they supposedly value, fuck them.

Abridged version: My HR opinion = fuck them, go somewhere else. :)

SirFWALGMan said...

gl man. I agree with Matt. Get a new job. It is pretty insulting to not only get told you were lied to but also get a bad review.

lightning36 said...

I do not know if finding another job is really an option for you depending upon the need for your skills and the current economy. However, I certainly learned long ago that no matter what, a job is just a job. Stay around long enough through enough management changes and sooner or later someone will screw with you. Right now, it looks like you are forced to eat the proverbial shit sandwich.

Best luck in deciding what to do with all this.