Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Down With The Sickness" - Disturbed

I have poker highs and lows that I just can't explain. I get home from a REALLY long day on no sleep and I'm trying to win myself a $26 token so I can play in the Hoy for cheap. After 3 $8 +.25 buy-ins and suck outs, I just buy in for the $26.

I played in the hoy for approx 20 minutes and in that time I won 1 hand and lost 2 to knock me out.

Win was a bluff on the first hand of the game, 1st loss was 8d-8c on a low 3 diamond flop, Buddy checks, I bet, he calls. Turn pairs the board. Buddy checks, I bet, Buddy calls. River puts 2 pair on the board. I bet about half the pot to try and dissuade Buddy from calling me. The worst part is he stalls while thinking, calls time and I listen on the radio as he says screw it and calls my bet showing a Q high flush...

Knocks me under half of my starting stack. So a few minutes later I'm dealt 6-6 on the button and I raise 4 times the BB, Buddy calls from the SB and Don calls from late MP.
Flop is Q-J-5 and I push all in for the remaining of my chips. Half hoping they respect my pre-flop raise, half-hoping they just fold. Apparently I have no respect as both called. Buddy ended up having K-Q and Don took the puppy home with Ac-10c when an Ace fell on the Turn.

And I am busted in 2nd to last place, and the confusement for me begins. What am I doing wrong?

Against my better judgement I play a $11+1 SNG and after being dealt Q-Q with a low flop I get all my money in against A-K and he snags an A... These kinds of losses just build on me mentally.