Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor

3rd place finish in the MATH good for $124.80. I wouldn't be super excited except before the MATH started I got me a $26 token for $8.80. That pushed the profit over the hundo mark.

There's not too many times I feel bad about busting someone, but last night I felt bad about busting MikeMaloney. I had less thaan zip on the flop but I pushed all in trying to get him off the hand. Turns out he had limped in with a good one: J-J vs my Ah-9h with 2 cards to come im dead to an A or runner-runner 9s. A spikes on the river and I rail Mike. The whole table was in a downer after that and it bothered me that I had misread and pushed on a bluff (lately I've been trying to be a lot more cognizant of strong limpers.)

I was up to 10k before sitting to the right of Hoy and doubling him up, then donking loads of chips off to him. Later on he convinced me all my laydowns of his push were probably good moves when he showed A-A and K-K back to back.

Not too much action when it got down to the final table for me. Case hand that vaulted me to the chip lead was: J-J under the gun. At this point I have like 7k, there are 2 huge stacks in late position so I want to try and snag some limper money and hope for a big raise from LP. Lots of calls but no raise like I hoped for.
Flop: Ac-Qc-Jc
Yay a set but the worst frickin flop imaginable. With 6-7 peeps in the pot there is a chance someone limped with Kc-10c so I check, it checks around and I get a free turn card.
Turn: Th
Ugh the hand gets worse and worse. Now any K will do. Again it checks all the way around to the button, who proceeds to make a pot size bet (1,600). So its on me, I think of what my outs are: 3As, 3Qs, 1J, 3 10s. I can-t put anyone on A-Q, but I can put people on A-J, A-10, Q-J, K-x, and any flushes. Its more or less a donk call, but I want to gamble. I call, and the rest fold.
So-so River, I can now beat any flush cept the Royal, which is the only hand I fear. I still cant believe anybody has an A-Q. If the button has K-Q I win. Button bets out 3k, I raise all-in for my last 6k, button calls. He turns over 10c-8c for the 2nd nut flush, I take the pot with Js full of Qs.

After this hand im up to 20k and its smooth sailing to the top 4. The top 4 was a tough field. I felt if I was going to win this one I had to pick my spots and be prepared to push. After about 20-30 mins of just swapping chips, Hoy took a huge hit to his stack and a few hands later was eliminated. I lasted about 5 more hands when I called with J-8o.
I flop an up and down, BB bets out and hoping I can push him off a flush draw I raise all-in. Pot is about 30k and its 7.5k for him to call. He takes a fes seconds to think but then calls with Kh-Qh. There goes one of my outs. Fulltilt doesnt want the drama so it gives the 5h on the t urn and my day is done.

Overall not a bad day for myself, i think. Had a good time and made a little cheese.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Great work. That hand against Mike was a tough one for Mike but you went with your read and being aggressive with it is your game. Nice work!

Mike Maloney said...

Don't worry about it, it's all good. Just a slight correction, I didn't 'limp' in, rather I called your raise from the SB. I didn't want to re-raise you with Jacks, just because I was out of position and didn't feel it was a strong enough hand to re-raise up in that situation.

It's funny, I really played the MATH way different than I usually do. I was doing a lot of raising preflop, I was betting at a lot of pots, bluffing semi-frequently, just playing pretty loose-aggressive poker, which is not something I do very often. I felt like my image helped lead to your push, so I was pretty happy that it all played out the way I wanted. Well, minus the river, of course. :)

But yeah, it's just a bad beat/suckout, no big deal. I posted about it last night to get it out of my system, and today's a new day.

Poker Brian said...

You're right, sorry bout that. I just felt if you called with something in SB you maybe had an A-x or K-Q etc etc. I figured you would value bet any pairs, but you are right I like to push the action (recklessly as this hand shows.)