Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Ode To My Car" - Adam Sandler

So I just crapped out of the Mookie. Tonight has just been a shiztacular night for poker. After the cash game debacle with dudeds making 2 outers to win etc etc.

I'm down almost 1k early in the tourney, and slowly build my stack back to over 3k when all stupidness breaks loose.

I grab 9-9 in Middle position, EP raises 4 times BB and I call. Short stack at our table calls.

*FLOP* 5h,9h,3h

Meh, good and bad. Original raiser checks so I stick a pot sized bet out there to scare any small flushes out possibly. Short stack raises all-in for her last 500. OR folds. So I say what the heck and call the 500. Kh-8h. Of course!

TURN Js, River Ad. Im fuggin crippled.

So im floatin along until I am in the SB with 4,5o. Folds to me and I figure I maybe can snag the BB off his hand. 4x BB bet. BB calls. Flop is a rainbow of J, 2,3. So with my OESD I push the rest of my 800 into the pot, BB quickly calls. What does he have? J-J of course! None of my outs come, but the board tosses 2 4s out there for me. Thanks! And im gone.

All-in-all, tonight was a big downer. Joe didnt fair much better then me as he got bumped out in 54th.