Thursday, July 12, 2007

"My Favorite Mistake" - Cheryl Crow

My favorite hand in the whole wide world is 5-7 sooted or not. Back in my early Foxwood 2/4 days a talkative dealer was telling our table about the "godhand". When prompted what was the "godhand", the dealer explained that 5-7 always seemed to flop 2 pair or a straight, and that some of the dealers there saw this and started referring to this as the "godhand." (My gf's cousin has since married a poker dealer at F-woods and he does not recall any dealers talking about this, of course he doesnt deal poker primarily either)

So as a young poker pup I was intrigued by this hand and got to test its magic out about a week later.

2/4 limit game, full table, and I am in late position.

5c, 7c dealt to me. No raises, just limpers and I call.

Flop 8c, 6c, X

EP bets out, I call.

Turn 4c B-I-N-G-O

EP bets, I call again with the nuts

River X

EP bets out, I raise, EP re-raises, I re-raise. She looks at me and I say, "If you want we can just go all-in because I'll keep raising." EP (who is obviously new to the poker scene) stops and asks "I thought you could only have 3 raises per round?" Dealer and about 3/4ths of the table tell her in heads up play you can keep on going. So unfortunately she just calls instead of re-raising. And she turns over Ac-10c, while my first straight flush in a casino holds up to win. The mystique of 5,7 begins.

Lately 5,7 will flop me a straight only to be beaten by a wicked, horrible flush draw. And even more recently a chopped pot when 2 opponents who had lesser straights with a 5 in their hand got a 7 on the river for a 3 way chop. Haven't had any really big hands in NL with it yet, course I tend to shy away from it when theres a raise in a cash game or tourney.

Second favorite hand has to be 6-6 just because it feels like I flop a set more than the 1 in 8 they say you will.


Unimpressed said...

My favorites: AA, KK, then AK. I like AK above say QQ. Because it's easier to get rid of after the flop.

I was liking TT for a while, but got burned too bad overplaying.

Then of course... KJ... Because it's 98% to win... as long as you play it right.

SECOND THING: Change the colors on this damn blog. Can barely read it.

Poker Brian said...

That better dear?