Friday, July 13, 2007

"Sweet Child of Mine" - Guns N Roses

UGH! From $369 I'm down to $288 on FT. Keep getting screwed in nl cash games. Everytime I hit Top Pair/Best Kicker I'm always running into a small to medium set.

And in SnGs I feel I'm playing very well, tight-aggressive play. What happens is when it gets down to 4 or 5 people I get under pressure to take smaller stacks out until I bust. And I'm going bust with good hands. J-J vs dude's A-K and he grabs a K on the flop. Stuff like that. Online is just a whole different monster from live cards.

And speaking of live cards, tonight I make my triumphant return to Foxwoods to see if I can build on my stack. I'll take being up even $100 at the end of the night, I'm not greedy. :-)