Saturday, July 14, 2007

"Money" - Pink Floyd

Another profitable night at f-woods! On Friday the 13th no less.

Was up 30-40 bucks rather quickly thanks to J-J. Then made a questionable call with 9-9 on a Board of Q-J-8.

Guy I was up against was a crazy nut, still have no idear if he was drunk or not for most of the night. Any way. I raise to 10, he re-raises to 22, i call. Im thinking he has maybe a-k, a-q but possibly could have had anything. I have seen him make some crazy calls in the last few hands only for him to catch runner-runner or even just one card to give him the pot.

Flop: Q-J-8 rainbow. I check, he moves all in for the rest of his money 42 bucks. I'm getting 2-1 on my money for the call, and i sat there for awhile figuring where I am. If he has A-K it eliminates 4 outs for me, but im 60/40 to win. If he has A-Q, A-J, K-K, or A-A i have 6 outs and am about a 3 to 1 dog. So looking back on this hand, I should've just folded since pot odds were poor and only one scenerio was a winning one for me. So anyway, I call. He turns over A-A and I am down $70 bucks from my buy-in.

The next hour consisted of folding horrible cards and losing twice when I made 2 pair on the flop to better hands as the board played out. Then my luck changed.

Seat number 2 gets filled by another drunk guy who just barely avoided a fight at his other table (his words) because he called a $20 raise with 2s,3s and made a flush to beat the raiser who grabbed 2 pair on the flop.

Seat 2 was annoying, loud, and very abusive of the dealers and waitresses. Needless to say, the table mood changed to dismay when this guy showed up, but I was thinking $$$$$$$$$$$$.

Seat 2 was immediately showing weakness. He played at least 6-7 straight hands in a row,showing bluffs on 2 out of the first 3. Then he made some "great" calls to be taken for at least $150. His first fold occured after seat 6 made what he called a "string bet." He contended that seat 6 made two motions of his hand when he raised the pot. Seat 6 did move his hand twice, but at no time did he reach for more chips, all the chips bet were in his hand. Dealer ruled it was not a string-bet and seat 2 demanded to be refunded his 2 dollar bet.

Finally my time to shine baby! Seat 10 raises to $20, seat 2 calls. I look at my hand and see 10-10. I call. Seat 6 also calls.

Flop: 10-7-3

S2 bets $20, I bet $100. S6 folds, S10 pushes all in for $100+ more, S2 pushes all in (less than $100), I push all-in.

S2: I dont remember but it was garbage
Me: 10-10 for a set
S10: A-A
Turn: J
River: 3

I rake in a $500 pot.
S2 initially made some stupid comment but then commented that it was a good hand. Tilting commencing.

S7 who I shall call MA. Yankees Fan or MYF for short was the big stack at our table, got involved in 2 pots with S2 and both times MYF caught a runner to beat him. Tilting going DEFCON 4. After my hand with S2 noone was backing down from him. I ended up making a sidebet with S2 that next time he and S6 got heads up he said he would win. $10 of my money said he wouldnt. He busted out before the bet could be ruled in either of our favors.
The hand after he got beat by MYF for the second time he pushed all in for $44. I look and have A-K, I raise to $100 to isolate (he announced what I was doing to the table as well) everyone folds and he turns over J-7. K on the flop nets me some more of his money.

He ended up getting involved in another pot with MYF who caught a 2 outer (consecutively on the turn and river) to beat him yet again. And finally he blows. He berates MYF first, then the quiet asian dealer second. He walks away from the table, comes back and berates the dealer again for dealing runner-runner. Then he leaves for good.

Next 2 hours were quiet for me. I only got involved in a few more hands, both were when I was on the button.
1st: A-7 sooted. FLOP: A-8-7 Bet, call from a new seat 10. Turn: Blank. Bet, call. River: A Bet, and again a call. She flips over a-9, I flip the boat.
2nd: A-4 Flop: A-A-Q Bet, call from a new S7 who's name shall be Decked out Yankees fan with a Cast or DOYFC. Turn 8. Bet, call. River: 5. Bet 20, Raise from DOYFC to 40. Call. I showed the A and he mucked. Guess he thought his Q was good.

And that was my night. Up $237 when everything was all said and done. Bankroll is up to $1137 from $300 on June 23rd. Not too shabby!